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Mexicans arm themselves

In Mexico where criminals are armed with all kinds of weaponry, some of it provided by the US government, the otherwise law-abiding citizens are taking up arms for self-defense. A good read. They advocate the Mexican government have another look at its archaic and restrictive gun laws.

Maybe ATF could walk some guns to the good guys?

8 Responses to “Mexicans arm themselves”

  1. SGB Says:

    Mexico’s corrupt regime isn’t about to let its people defend themselves.

  2. Aaron Says:

    Great story from Dec 2010 about a Mexican rancher who went down fighting cartel thugs who wanted his land:

  3. comatus Says:

    “The Magnificent Seven” was just on TV yesterday. Amazing what effect a remade Japanese plot had on how we thought of ourselves; doubly amazing that it didn’t start yet another revolution in Mexico.

    And one more: people born too late to ever see a TV tobacco ad will still hum that theme when they see the Marlboro logo.

  4. joated Says:

    Wouldn’t it be something if, as a result of Fast & Furious, Mexico decided to do as it’s citizens request and loosen up their gun laws?

    Talk about your unintended consequences!

  5. TIM Says:

    Yet Another Example of just how greedy and corrupt the Mexican Government is.

  6. Paul Says:

    “Maybe ATF could walk some guns to the good guys?”

    The ATF? Hahaha.. no, they are not in the business of helping good guys. They are in the business of helping Obama.

  7. Kim Sommer Says:

    arent’ there enough folks there they could petitioin to become a colony and eventually state of the USA? I mean Newt treid to open that door for the moon ((regardless of the space treaties in place). Tthat would be a way to export the 2A.

  8. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    Would be nicer if they didn’t repeat the Mexican Gun Canard in their first sentence.