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January 31, 2012

I thought he was a member of the Democratic party?

Democracy inaction

A cop’s question about the drug war won Obama’s video contest for questions to be addressed. Says the cop:

Mr. President, my name is Stephen Downing, and I’m a retired deputy chief of police from the Los Angeles Police Department. From my decades of law enforcement experience I have come to see our country’s drug policies as a failure and a complete waste of criminal justice resources

And Dear Reader will not address the question.

The plot sickens

Joe: [Dennis Burke] was a driving force behind the “assault weapon” ban of 1994. Operation Fast and Furious was secretly launched just one month after his appointment as U.S. attorney was confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

His anti-gun history makes the AZ press.

Starbucks Buycott

Barron with a good idea: let our troops participate.

Guns at the courts

DC circuit examines machine guns used in violent crimes. There is a 30 year minimum sentence for using a machine gun in a crime. So, the question is does it matter if the robber knew it was a machine gun. What is interesting to me, though, is that there is a 30 year minimum sentence for what is, basically, tax evasion. Seems so unusual.

And a lawyer looks at how the appearance of a firearm affects a jury. Interesting read, notably for how women’s views of guns affect sentencing.

“because I can”

60K jump in concealed carry permits in Iowa. Amazing what happens when arbitrary barriers are removed.

More on GunsAmerica

From Andrew

Save endangered species

By hunting them.

Beat the system

NY teacher gets reprimanded for ogling 8th grade butts. You’d think that’d be something one would get fired over. But, no. It’s good to be a union member. They just put you in a rubber room and let you draw full salary and benefits. And you cannot be fired.

Homeland Security At Work

Deporting tourists for twitter jokes. Because, you know, terrorists are going to broadcast their plans on twitter.

Embracing the Tea Party

GOP to get rid of Tea Party favorite Allen West’s district.

OMG!!11 People can break the law on the internet too

Gawker notes a black market on the intertube where you can unlawfully buy guns.

Hiding the numbers


And who is paying for that?

Glock the book on TV

MSJ with the video.

Pro gun song

Mentioned Madison Rising’s Right To Bear a bit back. The full video is out and you can see it here.

Chicks and guns

Debutante hunters

Cool holster

A review of Dragon Leatherworks IWB/OWB Quantum Holster.


A self-guided bullet that can hit a target a mile away.


Federal jury says cops can’t arrest you for recording them.

Adjust your dials

SailorCurt has moved

Hearing an unexpected bang

Old NFO had a negligent discharge. That’s the thing about the four rules, it takes breaking two of them to put a hurt on someone. It happens to the best of us.

More prepping and electronics

Les and Oddball have thoughts on USB drives for bugging out. are apps that run from a USB drive. They look like a good idea.

The silly walking dead

A shirt

Fire a 50BMG from a 12ga

Ok, then.

a list

Top 100 Android apps.


The super bowl of bacon

Gun Porn

Marquis Belt Buckle Gun

STI 22 Conversion Kit

The Pope’s rifles

Laser Sights for LAW


January 30, 2012

Gun show notes

Yesterday, I took my nephews to the gun show. They had a good time ogling and handling all sorts of shooty and stabby things. At one point, we saw two KPD officers escorting a man out in handcuffs. Turns out that the genius stole a gun from a dealer then re-entered the show to sell it. And the dealer he took it from, in an unrelated incident, managed to shoot himself in the hand.

What a weird one.

Supernatural forces

There was a pile up on I75 and several people were killed. The local radio was interviewing witnesses and a couple of them said it seemed like ‘supernatural forces’ were tossing the cars around. Ok, then.

Rumors confirmed

Freedom Group buys Para.

Permit mill

Man teaching permit required for handgun carry permit course arrested:

On January 8, an undercover SLED agent attended Wykel’s concealed weapons permit training class with 15 other students.

According to the arrest warrant, the class – which is required by law to last eight hours – was finished in an hour. The warrant also states the students were given the answers to the test, and the class did not include the handgun qualification.

The 15 other students in Wykel’s class could also face perjury charges, as could his previous students. Wykel is a former South Carolina Department of Corrections employee.