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December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

To you and yours. I hope it’s better than 2011.

December 30, 2011

Anonymous Trolls Turn Out To Be From The Brady Campaign

They’re reduced to knuckle dragging, black helicopter insults on gun blogs.

“Money” saving tip

News you can use. Had dinner with a long time friend last night. His wife is really into this couponing thing. He passed along this tip. Kroger has their card and you earn points on this card for discounts on gas at Shell stations. Some items get double points, namely a gift card to Target. So, when they do their grocery shopping, they buy a gift card to cover their next purchase at Target. Being a family, it’s easy to spend a few hundred bucks there. Trust me. Then, he stops at Shell for gas. Says he’s paid $2 a gallon for gas.

The nanny state

To sled, you must wear a helmet.

Dangerous Carry


I have seen a recent trend in off-duty and concealed firearms carry that strikes me as dangerous. The proliferation of smaller, more powerful handguns has spurred a wave of creative carry ideas that are potentially lethal to the user.


Seen at Joe’s:

Entirely too much energy of our state police force is spent controlling honest citizens, simply because it is something they can succeed in doing.

Of course. You see, it’s easier to control them because they are honest. Going after violent criminals is hard. They shoot back. Some advocate practicing on the people to justify their ninja toys but when it’s dangerous, they use a phone call.

There ought to be a law

Or 40,000:

New laws going into effect Sunday cover some of the nation’s most contentious issues, from immigration to abortion, while others deal with tanning beds, tuition and where you can sell a pet.

In all, nearly 40,000 laws were enacted in 2011, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Some take effect New Year’s Day.

Price tag

DC ordered to pay Heller attorneys just over $1M.

Solid missile fuel

From 1966, the Gyrojet gun.

There are no stupid questions

Just stupid people: Did the robber intend to shoot someone to kill?

It doesn’t matter. If someone is pointing a gun at you, you don’t wait around trying to determine their intent.

Light a votive, light a candle. Step down, step down

A response to the Brady Campaign’s attempt to end gun ownership by lighting a candle.

This case proves their laws are bad

Seems one councilman is asking for leniency for the Tennessee woman who mistakenly thought she was still in America and carried a gun in NYC. Says the councilman:

“By prosecuting this woman and seeking 3 1/2 years of jail, we are shooting our own [gun-control] efforts in the foot and giving the rest of the country ammunition,”


Clearly, the laws are too strict here, but that’s something we need to work out for ourselves without honoring licenses to carry guns in states where felons can carry them

Interesting stuff on whether NY laws are up to date, I thought. And, perhaps, they fear a lawsuit. Via Jacob who notes:

What Bloomberg and Vance have created is the perfect martyr and posterchild for H.R. 822. Hopefully this case will help push it through the Senate.

Before you carry

A good read by Shelley.

Online gun control

From Microsoft. A device that lets you run around pretending to shoot people won’t let you use a gun in your avatar.


Top selling AR-15s at CheaperThanDirt.

Obviously, compensating for the size of his penis

14 year old shoots and kills intruder to save his sister.

Gun Porn

Texas Ranger 1911.

Taurus Ultra lite Revolver.



December 29, 2011

Movie Review Haiku: Atlas Shrugged

Wanted to like it
But I just couldn’t do it
So rushed it was dull

Tactical Spork

I think it’s pretty cool. And, unlike most tactical things, not expensive.

News you can use

Don’t store your guns in an oven.

Another NFA Hack

14 inch 12ga shotgun that is not an NFA item.

More here.

Gun manufacturing laws are quite ridiculous and manipulated by ATF a lot. Nice to see the rules being bent the other way.

Other NFA hacks here and here.


Eric Holder says More cops slain by illegal guns. How many guns did your agency put on the street?

Careful when you leave America

It’s a whole other country: Tennessee woman arrested in NYC for taking gun to 9-11 memorial.

Hit piece on NRA

From Bloomberg news.

Not helpful

Use a holster, get some training and don’t just give a 17 year old girl a gun for protection.

The Denver Post commits journalistic malpractice eleventy billion times per year

I don’t need a cite for that. Do your own research.

Via Kevin, who notes the familiar ring.

Why a .45?

Well, why not!

Reasonable suspicion of crime

Court says seeing a concealed handgun creates reasonable suspicion.

We’re winning

Record gun sales noticed by CNN. More guns, less crime.

CBS notes the face of gun culture is changing. To women.

Tam runs up the score.

Obama and guns

He’s not been that much of a threat to gun rights as president, despite his anti-gun record before that. Some are speculating the anti-gun stuff will gin up during a second term.