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November 30, 2011

You might be a terrorist if

You’re missing limbs, have weather-proofed ammunition, or have more than seven days of food. Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

Face-stabbing action!

Specialized Tactical Limited Edition Zombie Gun:

I didn’t know the big, shiny goober indicator now came in black and was less shiny.

We must ban fake guns

In an effort to gin up support for California’s ban on weapons that look like assault weapons, the SF Weekly uses photos from the video game HALO.

ineffective proselytizing

Being a douche won’t win many converts.

Christmas Sale

From TacticalMachining: all manner of lowers in different calibers.

The thing about this story that’s missing

Is how the TSA utterly failed:

A man convicted of getting a free ride from New York to Los Angeles using an expired boarding pass with someone else’s name on it will be freed from federal prison having already spent five months behind bars.

They don’t even mention TSA, only screener and hostess.

Question answered

Few days back, I noted a sound suppressor equipped with a muzzle brake. Well, the Barrett Blog responded in comments: The thinking behind the design is to use the suppressor’s brake to train with and take it off for non-training use.

The big boys drop

The Army Times: Colt, S&W among those out of carbine bidding


Amazing but Eric Holder actually blames The Daily Caller for the Fast and Furious fiasco: You guys are behind it. That’s ballsy.

Sig Sauer P938

Info here. Looks to be a compact, 1911 in 9mm based on the P238.

Gay cooties

I’m really trying to wrap my head around this. First, calling someone who is gay a sodomite POS. Then this. So if you like kissing, you’re a sodomite? Only gay people kiss? Ok, then.

Firearms and preparedness

A primer


Balko: Cop shoots at unarmed man, arrests unarmed man. Unarmed man somehow still charged with “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.”

It’s confiscation if they pay you for it

Isn’t this kinda like raping someone and leaving a $20 when you’re done?

Pocket 9 Blogging

Mentioned the Diamondback DB9 last time. Well, a couple of reviews are here and here.

New look

For GunNuts Media.

We must ban Christmas ornaments

Dangerous weapons

Rule two

Never let your muzzle err bayonet cover anything you’re not willing to destroy.

OC prevents crime

Well, this one.

Crossbow Eyeshields

Tom has a nice write-up.


A piece on five great defense weapons from Town Hall lists the Taurus Judge. Please stop telling people that a .410 from a short barrel is good for defense. It won’t penetrate a two liter bottle. No, I don’t want to get shot by one. But that’s not enough penetration.

Win a holster

This nice holster, that was in my house this past weekend, from Dragon Leatherworks is up for grabs. And it’s for a good cause.

Don’t put your thumb behind the slide

Because it comes back really fast: A gun unexpectedly recoiled on Freeman.


The Mexican 90% myth gets press coverage. Amazing what a little scandal will do.

Did not expect that

Listening to the local talk radio station at lunch yesterday and I heard an ad for

But I have to admit I did hire darklordofthesith

He was, unsurprisingly, a helluva IT guy

Insty has some decent advice for resumes*:

I also was surprised by how many applicants had inappropriate e-mail addresses (e.g.,

Something I have touched on before:

Use an email address that indicates your name, such as Not hobbies or sexual innuendo, like,, or

It is amazing how often that happens. And it’s not appropriate.

*And, for those who go back and read that post, I have conceded that it’s ok to use resume because résumé doesn’t come across well in a lot of email applications.

Gun Porn


Springfield GI

Zombie defense pack, for Legos.

November 29, 2011

The Walking Dead stuff

I thought the pseudo-finale was good. Spoilers, you were warned.

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What’s the world coming to?

Five year old ‘attacks’ a police officer. The child is placed in cuffs, put in a police car and charged with battery. Now, I’m not excusing the kid’s behavior. But doesn’t it make more sense to just hold the kid at bay and calm him down?

At least he wasn’t pepper sprayed or tased.

Never understood that either

Sheriff Jim Wilson on the full length guide rod:

Somewhere along the line, however, some 1911 manufacturers decided including a full-length guide rod on their pistols gave them a “custom” look. Put three-dot sights and a full-length guide rod on the gun, and you can charge more for it. It’s almost like, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s even more important to look cool. For goodness sakes, don’t ever ask why.