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ATF and Gunwalker

Under White House Control? And we have a new operation.

The White House did know.

Cover up


3 Responses to “ATF and Gunwalker”

  1. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Okay, so Guns go to Mexico to support the Drug Gangs there, and Guns go to Chicago to support the Drug Gangs here. And it looks like the White House knew about it, and was monitoring the Situation, but did nothing to stop this “Rogue Operation.” Got it.

    Sounds like some Politician from Chicago (using the Al Capone Model where the Tommy Guns his enforcers used were being bought through a Hardware Store “Scarface” owned) was ensuring that both ends of the Drug Supply Chain were well armed against any competition.

    Wonder which Chicago Politician and/or his/her Cronies set this up?

  2. alan Says:

    I really wish it mattered, but I’m afraid it doesn’t.

    People will be shuffled around, nothing will change.

  3. El Bombardero Says:

    awesome roundup.