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What’s happening in Ohio lately?

Cops confiscate cameras at congressman’s town hall meeting. Steve Chabot: Man of the people.

4 Responses to “What’s happening in Ohio lately?”

  1. mike w. Says:

    Well, if he didn’t want video in order to avoid an embarrassing moment his brute force tactics were massive FAIL.

  2. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Ohio State Law allows the Video Taping of Police while they go about their Business, as long as you don’t shove the Camera into the Cops Face while he’s trying to handcuff someone. That’s from the Chief of Cleveland’s P.D. Press Conference a few days ago.

    So, if someone wanted to call Columbus and have the State’s BCI start an Investigation why this Townie Barney Fife-Wannabe decided to Break State Law….

    And Chabot: Republitards have to play by the Same Rules as everyone else. Sauce for the Goose, you know.

  3. Sid Says:

    There is nothing partisan about this. That this particular jerk is a Republican has no bearing on the egregious display of rights violation.

    This is the exact same scenario as the reporter who was detained for recording an “open” meeting in DC about a month ago. Some bureaucrat order the reporter to be removed and then had his camera conviscated. In that case, they even detained the reporter for several hours IIRC.

    We are coming very close to a violent confrontation. Soon, the wrong LEO is going to confront a citizen in an attempt to violate the citizens rights. The LEO is going to lose the confrontation and then we will have a legal mess that won’t be easy to resolve. The Chief of Police in Cleveland is an aexample to follow on this issue.

    As much as the 2A, violations by LEO of the 1A are an abomination. If the reports I read are correct, there is no local statute, code, or law that permits the police officer to behave in this manner. Now what?

  4. Chas Says:

    Carry a bulky, old video camera that doesn’t work. Wear a state of the art, hidden, video camera, the tiny lens of which blends in with your clothing. Appear heartbroken, but resigned to it, when they confiscate the one that doesn’t work.
    It’s very difficult to prevent video recording these days. Of course, it’s really a matter of freedom, not of having to be sneaky in obtaining video that one has a right to obtain in the first place. Clumsy efforts at censorship not only look ridiculous, they’re wrong.