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August 31, 2011


Actual headline:

Teen gets branded a felon for life for robbing man of 7 cents

I know! Sounds like overkill, right? Except our little choir boy did not ask the man for his 7 cents. Instead:

Stewart and Ninham carried BB guns that looked like real pistols when they knocked a 73-year old man to the ground–Stewart punching him in the face–and took all the cash he had on him, prosecutors said.

Now, I’m on record as stating there are too many laws that make people felons. But pummeling a 73 year-old man is one where I think it’s ok. And, you know, that whole armed robbery thing.

Zombie ad


I’m sure the matches and gasoline came from ATF agents

In Mexico, drug lords burned a casino down, killing 52 people. Their president says this is obviously the fault of US gun laws.

The ongoing saga of what the Hell is wrong with Ohio police?

They learn a woman owns guns. A worker lets them into her house. They take $15K worth of guns without a warrant from a lawful gun owner. She asked for them back and the police acknowledge that the weapons were legally owned. But they refused to return them without a court order

A victory

Court says public has right to video police in public places

It’s a start

Gary Johnson: Cut Federal Spending by 43% – and Cut Social Issues From GOP Agenda

Don’t they have guns to smuggle into Mexico or something?

Background Check Exemption Status For CCW Holders Under Review By ATF

Glock’s new marketing site More from DRTV.

Chicks and guns

New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez renews carry permit, gets perfect score.

For a good cause


I said don’t move

Of course, what does this guy think will happen if he fires that thing?


15 year-old at firing range falls and shoots himself in the head.

Melson out: a round up

Issa concurs with me: fall guy acquired.

ATF acting director interviewed, says he doesn’t want the job.

New director briefed on gunwalking. Meet the new boss.

The firearms industry responds.

TSA stuff

TSA worker pleads to conspiring with drug smugglers.

TSA buying out administrative employees. It’s a start.

On the Gibson Guitar Raids

Covered their raid before, where the Feds were enforcing Indian law. Seems Martin Guitars uses the same wood but was not raided. I’m sure the two companies’ political affiliation don’t mean a thing. Right?

Why “green” fails

A picture, 1,000 words.

Short memories

Or the Brady Campaign lies.

First they came for the . . .

Billy Beck: I always told you they were coming, and almost all of you always thought I was out of my mind.

Gun Porn


A look at the M&P Pro

Some AOWs. I like the over/under.

On google searches, odd

Ok, then.

August 30, 2011

Fall guy acquired

ATF director Melson out. Interim director to be US Attorney for Minnesota Todd Jones.

Remember when he said there were 57 states, forgot what year it was, pronounced corps wrong, forgot his kid’s age, and tried to speak Austrian?

Oh, no that was the other guy. But the press is picking up on the Is some guy from Texas dumb? attack. Sounds familiar.

Rumor milling

Army to replace the M9 with the M&P? Always rumors of them replacing some gun. They won’t go .40 since it’s not NATO.

For real?

This a real poll at The Tennessean.

where America used to be

The ATF is having a party to celebrate successfully breaking the law.

Arrested for lack of common sense. If that’s a crime, I have a very long list.

Arrested for riding a bike to school?

Arrested over photo of an oil refinery. “No aesthetic value” makes it illegal or something.

What he said

The sheepdog works for the master, who harvests the sheep.

Gun porn

Heller commemorative 44

Ruger LCP NRA Edition


Is blog. Is 9

Today, this blog is nine years old. As is tradition, I like to look at the numbers:

30,957 posts

2,240,456 words


11,220 tweets (5 of which are non-blog posts)

11,888,139 page views

6,202,916 visits

9,932 average page views per day

4,260 average visits per day

3:16 the average time, in minutes, a reader hangs around

Most visited page is the main page

In the past year, new visitors up 38%

479,506 unique visitors this year.

Most common referral is direct, meaning it’s bookmarked or accessed directly.

Top five referring sites in the last year that aren’t search engines: Instapundit, Tam, Snowflakes in Hell, Sharp as a Marble, and Breda.

Top 5 search terms this year that aren’t some variation of ‘sayuncle’: viewsonic g tablet review, sons of guns, s&w tacpen, akins accelerator, and atf shotgun ruling.

Most visited and commented on post this year: Getting back at TSA. Some how, the comments there became an internet meme. Fitting that my most visited post was visited for what other people say.

Most of you use firefox.

0 hippies punched

August 29, 2011


This Machine Breeds Fascists.

Law banning facebook

For Missouri teachers. A judge has blocked the law.