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Economic cheer

How Much of Federal Spending is Borrowed for Every Dollar?

US AAA debt rating up for review by Moody’s.

GOP: Caving

A concise explanation.

3 Responses to “Economic cheer”

  1. Mike Says:

    You know, the Republicans really are stupid. This entire debt ceiling debate is simple as pie.

    Obama and the Democrats want to get a new MasterCard to pay the monthly Visa bill – so they can continue to live high on the hog.

    The Republicans want to cut down on spending for things like cable TV, fancy dinners, and new cars — use the money thus saved to start paying back the gargantuan Visa charges we’ve accumulated.

    Now, which option sounds like the responsible thing to do? What’s so hard to understand?

  2. Jake Says:

    @ Mike: That’s probably the best analogy and most concise explanation I’ve seen so far. You are today’s Quote of the Day.

  3. divemedic Says:

    What I don’t understand is that all of these people say that Clinton ran surpluses, yet according to the treasury’s office of the public debt, the debt increased every year that he was in office.