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Local Poker Raid

In Knoxville. The KCSO has been cracking down on some of the local clubs for a while. This is the first poker raid I know of that happened in a private residence. Netted a whopping $1,000. I guess they’ve rid the rest of the city of crime.

And it’s not even certain that a home poker game is illegal in Tennessee.

Update: interview with homeowner here. Says it’s usually a $10 tournament.

11 Responses to “Local Poker Raid”

  1. Laughingdog Says:

    Did you notice that it’s not even clear if the cash they seized was actually in use for the game. For all we know, that’s just how much all the people had in their wallets and it was just a $10 buy-in to play.

  2. Ted N Says:

    Players are just lucky they all didn’t get killed, then have their family told it was done according to procedure.

  3. chris Says:

    I feel safer now.

  4. hellferbreakfast Says:

    I believe poker is legal under the TN constitution. All other forms of gambling were outlawed.

  5. Laughingdog Says:

    It’s like I am psychic. I even managed to call the exact buy-in. It’s almost like that’s a common amount to play with in home recreational games or something.


  6. Countertop Says:

    What Laughingdog said

    I’ve got $150 in m pocket now. I imagine if I randomly invited 8 friends over, we would have over $1000 on us total, regardless of whether we were playing poker or simply grilling steaks.

  7. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    How dare you have that much cash on hand! You’re obviously dealing drugs! It must be seized!

  8. rickn8or Says:

    Fightin’ that crime…

  9. Sid Says:

    Like Chris, I felt safer after having read this. But then, I bgan to think about what other forms of crime are tearing apart the community. Will there be enough officers to arrest each criminal who bets on the Superbowl? What if a son loses a bet and has to mow the lawn? Does the family have to pay someone else to mow the lawn while the father, son and lawnmower are held by the police? What if the mother knew about the Superbowl bet and did nothing to stop it? Who will feed the family pets while the whole family is in jail? The children, MY GOD, WON”T SOMEBODY THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN?

    I am scared now.

  10. Robert Says:

    “Did you notice that itís not even clear if the cash they seized was actually in use for the game.”

    Like they care. It’s all good as far as they’re concerned.

  11. fucema Says:

    They were playing a game called Fantan (like 3 way solitaire) on top of a poker table. Fantan is not an 8 player game. The rest of the people there were watching TV or doing chores.

    Really, is the KCSO always this brilliant? How does he stay in office?