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Round Up: ATF gunrunning to Mexico

Damning joint staff report on the operation:

The Department’s leadership allowed the ATF to implement this flawed strategy, fully aware of what was taking place on the ground. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona encouraged and supported every single facet of Fast and Furious. Main Justice was involved in providing support and approving various aspects of the Operation, including wiretap applications that would necessarily include painstakingly detailed descriptions of what ATF knew about the straw buyers it was monitoring.

Heh: Top Democrats: “If Citizens Couldn’t Buy Guns, We Wouldn’t Have Botched Our ‘Gunrunning’ Sting.”

Chris Cox writes a letter to the WaPo for their stupid assertion that the ATF wouldn’t have to breaking the law if gun laws were tougher.

Mexican senator says those involved should be tried. In Mexico.

Speaking of stupid assertions, another piece on how the poor, poor ATF is hamstrung in stopping real crime so it’s OK if they create some.

3 Responses to “Round Up: ATF gunrunning to Mexico”

  1. Chas Says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “Obviously, this is such a big mess that we need to close the Second Amendment loophole as soon as possible. Second term Obama appointees to the Supreme Court should be able to take care of that for us.”

  2. Robert Says:

    If the Mexicans aren’t going to get to try them in their courts, then why do we have all the treaties and such? Isn’t the Obama administration all about international law and global citizenry?

  3. Tirno Says:

    Just found at Walls of the City: The money for the ATF’s ‘straw purchaser’ came from the FBI.

    I’ve been wondering where the money for all those weapons came from. It made no sense whatsoever for the cartels to send money into the US to buy semi-auto guns at retail when they could get full-auto guns from Federale armories or import them from Central and South America cheaper, more reliably and with less overall risk. The business case from the cartels’ point of view makes no sense.

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