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Quote of the day

While at the LuckyGunner shoot, I had just learned that they loaded the appliances, cars and other things we were shooting at with tannerite so they explode. Sweet. So I want to tell folks. But I managed to tell a group of folks who already knew that. And the conversation goes like this:

Me: They loaded the targets with tannerite!

Les: Is there an echo in here?

Me: Well, people like to tell me things and I like to repeat them. Perhaps you’ve read my blog?

7 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. Les Jones Says:

    It was pretty funny. You told us that literally 5 seconds after someone else did.

  2. Justin Buist Says:

    Well, that got a chuckle out of me.

  3. SPQR Says:

    You have a blog?

  4. Barron Barnett Says:

    Well at least you acknowledge it and have a sense of humor about it. 🙂 It’s why we all read it!

  5. Jennifer Says:

    I am never going to live that comment down. BTW-for anyone that hasn’t met me previously, my filter doesn’t work.

  6. Evyl Robot Michael Says:

    That’s my girl! You just never know what’s going to pop out of Jennifer’s mouth.

  7. BrokenTrace Says:

    Well ya got to become famous anyway ya can Jennifer. 😀