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We’re Winning

An art exhibit depicting phobias as holes at a golf course has one for hoplophobia:

Hoplophobia comes from the Greek word hoplon, meaning armor. One belief of people with this fear can be that the control of the weapon lies in the firearm itself and not in the handler of the weapon. In other words, guns do not kill people, people kill people.


Via John.

7 Responses to “We’re Winning”

  1. metulj Says:

    Shakes head. Not quibbling with the notion of hoplophobia, but the world “hoplon” does not mean “armor.” It was a shield.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    but it’s on wikipedia. it must be true.

  3. BornLib Says:

    Now we need to get the word into Webster’s and Oxford English Dictionaries.

  4. Bryan S. Says:

    Cool, my boss’s son did the Fear of Fish course hole.

  5. metulj Says:

    Yeah, it’s on Wikipedia and they kind of have it right. I don’t have a quibble with the phobia name because it is referencing “hoplites” who carried a hoplon.

  6. Jon H Says:

    Without credit to the Colonel, it’s just plagiarism. Nothing created here Katie. Please move on.

  7. Dimitris Says:

    The Greek word “hoplon” means “weapon”. Although, some confusion may occur because of its derivatives: “hoplismos” = armament, or, in modern terms, a soldier’s load-out incl. weapon, helmet, web gear, plate carrier etc. “Hoplitis” = a person “bearing arms”, i.e. outfitted for combat. Keep in mind, in ancient Greece standing armies were uncommon. City-states had a small garrison of troops, and able-bodied males (like a militia) were assembled when necessary for war.