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TSA Stuff

TSA pats down a 6 year old and an 8 year old. And if you complain about the TSA, they will target you for searches. Yes, I know. They did it to me.

3 Responses to “TSA Stuff”

  1. OHIO SHAWN Says:

    My family and I used to fly to Tampa to a condo we co-own with my brother at least once a year, usually twice when we found cheap fares. We haven’t flown anywhere since the new scanners came online and we don’t plan on it any time soon. The drive from Ohio is a long one (18 hrs+), but we just cut it in half and stay in a motel somewhere along the way. I will not expose my children, and still fertile wife, to the un-studied radiation of the new scanners and/or the indignity of a invasive pat down. Eventually TSA will change its procedures, until then, I will drive, even with $4 gas. Plus, instead of flying to National Parks, DC, etc to visit with the kids, we just make sure our driving passes through interesting areas and we just make more scenic stops and visits along the way. Thanks TSA, you are helping me show more and more of the country to my kids.

  2. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Ohio Shawn: this must be a Buckeye thing. The Wife just left on Saturday for a weeks stay with her Siblings in Tampa. She was pissed when I went through her purse and took out 50% of its contents. She was even more pissed when I showed her The Stupid Agency’s Rules on what she was allowed to carry in her purse. That’s why I’m driving to Pittsburgh.

  3. Breda Says:

    Awesome. Since I’m one of those terrifying amputees and I’m going to get searched anyway, I’m going to get in the TSA line and gripe like hell the entire time. Loudly.