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April 30, 2011

From Galco

Retention holster where the release is on the thumb side:

From 2011 NRA

Pretty slick design, for those who have issues with the Serpa.

NRA Meeting Stuff

Cemetery has some stuff.

Some pics at Another Gun Blog.

And, though I’ve not met him yet, I’m apparently sitting next to Mike’s computer.

Hippies are not punctual

Waiting on anti gun marchers. And they’re running late.

At the ParaUSA Booth

Stuff from Para USA. Here’s the 100th anniversary models:

From 2011 NRA

And here’s their new GI LTC:

From 2011 NRA

Overheard in Pittsburgh

This was hysterical.

Also, on the way in, someone spotted us and noticed that Dennis from Dragon Leatherworks open carrying. The guy stopped us and thanked Dennis for openly carrying.

We’re winning.


A little get together last night by CrimsonTrace was a lot of fun.

Ian offers a blog get together law.

Here’s Iain (not the same as Ian) licking JayG’s head:

From Drop Box
April 29, 2011

Empty booth

From weerd.

Stop touching it

On the NRA floor checking out the Galco booth when some moron pulls his gun out of his holster and sticks in in a holster on the shelf.

Acres of guns

From 2011 NRA

Finally here

And it’s nice to see folks with media badges open carrying firearms and cameras.

Once again, Pittsburgh sucks

70,000 show and you have no parking or traffic control.


Stuck in traffic in a car full of yankees.

April 28, 2011

En route

Landed in DC. Next stop, Pittsburgh

Heading north

Where coke becomes pop. And the weather sucks.

For the NRA Annual Meeting. Light blogging while I do last minute things.

And, remember, if you’re coming, there will be a little meetup tonight. Details here.

Quote of the day

Paul Helmke on a DC or Chicago style gun ban: That’s not what I have ever pushed for

Pants on fire.

Gun sales up

Wal-mart bring gun sales to more stores because gun sales are up. Which is odd, because the Violence Policy Center tells me that gun ownership is on the decline.

Other, more enlightened countries

Comedian arrested for singing kung-fu fighting. Because it’s racist.

The future

I look forward to the day when all my credit/debt/other cards are stored and verifiable on my smart phone. Then, I have more room to carry other things.

I bet something is done this time

Same old story about how the police don’t know how to use GPS or don’t double check and raid the wrong house. Only this time, they raided a judge’s house.


Odd how these pollsters never call anyone I know.

where Great Britain used to be

They ban bumping on bumper cars.

An act of God

God doesn’t like red light cameras.

Right wing terrorist

I’ve apparently hung out with one and didn’t know it.

The effectiveness of MAIG

The probably are the only real threat to gun rights.

Gun Porn

Elvis v. The Beatles

Full auto shotguns

April 27, 2011

Birth mirth

Heh: After years of useful service to Obama, birthers get thrown under the bus.

Update: Trump wins. LOL


What happened to Obama’s transparency pledge? A mix of presidentin’ is hard and every promise has an expiration date.

Speaking of Pittsburgh

Packing at the NRA show.

The police are citizens too

Dealing with citizens legally carrying a concealed weapon. An article written from the police point of view on how to identify you and deal with you. Some good, some bad. I do note one particularly good thing is the author mentions that those who carry have, in the past, been willing to help the police out.


You can’t carry a gun in Brooklyn.