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You suck at the internet

15 sites that forbid you from linking to them. Really, UPS? So when I type a tracking number into Google and it links to you, you’re not a fan?

2 Responses to “You suck at the internet”

  1. armed_partisan Says:

    As someone who’s come of age in the Internet Generation, I find it interesting that I’ve never heard of MOST of those companies or groups (or at the very least can’t think of any particular reason why I would want to visit their website). If you don’t recognize that the internet is the greatest information exchange system since the development of written language then you’re in the dark. But, in order for it to be an EXCHANGE, you have to allow people to link to your site, praise it, be critical of it, etc. Otherwise, there’s a very likely chance that the next generation of potential customers will never think about your company, because they’ve never heard of them.

    I mean, how long do you think the National Union of Students will be around if no student has ever heard of them, and can’t find them online? If you’re not online, you don’t exist. If you have a website, and nobody can find it, then you exist only in your own imagination.

  2. Steve Says:

    This was a big deal a few years ago. I took advantage of the lunacy and created by own linking terms.