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More Seagal

When he’s not driving tanks to arrest a single man suspected of having cockfighting chickens, he’s busy resigning his job so he doesn’t have to face investigation for sexual assault of one of his employees. But America’s toughest sheriff thinks it’s ok for this guy to ride along in a tank and help arrest someone.

2 Responses to “More Seagal”

  1. HK_WSU Says:

    I know Seagal is a complete jerk, but his “Lawman” series is really funny. The introduction each episode is hilarious along with his “Seagal Vision” that allows him to discover key evidence each episode. The “vision” allows him to slow down time and have the item(s) highlighted in a blue-ish hue. I think this power comes from all the herbs and tonics he sells/takes. Great television while you are stuck folding laundry.

  2. Bubblehead Les Says:

    How could he become a “Lawman” anyway? Didn’t his former wife, the actress Kelly LeBrock have him arrested for Spousal Abuse, and that’s why she was granted a Divorce? So doesn’t that mean he has a Criminal Record that would prohibit him from “Serving and Protecting”?