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Pistol caliber carbines

Richard Mann has a look.

One Response to “Pistol caliber carbines”

  1. Rivrdog Says:

    Aside from the author’s obvious AR-love:

    “You’ll also find that accessories and extra magazines are not as available as they are for AR-style, rifle-caliber carbines.”

    That statement is just not true. My Kel-Tec Sub rifles shoot from VERY common magazines, the 9mm from S&W Model 59s and the .40 S&W from Glock 22s, plus those KT-S2Ks can be tommied up to the max. My Marlin Camp 45 shoots from 1911 magazines. The Hi-Points shoot from their companion pistols’ magazines (9mm, 40 S&W and .45 ACP). BTW, my KT Subs fold IN HALF, fitting into a messenger bag, and deploy quickly, since they can be folded with a magazine inserted. Snap the gun open, charge the chamber and fire. Repeat 29 times, reload. Zombie attack, defeated.

    The Camp has to be reloaded frequently, but I can ring a 20″ gong with it at 120 yards all day long, so this article is BS when it suggests that there is some sort of 75-yard “limit” on pistol-caliber carbines.

    The data in the chart is useful, but it understates the speed difference in some calibers. I get 375 fps increase with 9mm NATO 124-gr Ball.

    There are serious pistol calibers that no carbines are made for, other than leverguns. How about an autoloading .357 magnum? A 10mm carbine? Or something else in .44 Magnum besides the Deerfield? For that matter, how come no one ever built anything to compete with the M-1 in the US 30 Caliber round?

    The pistol-caliber carbine field is THE most unexploited end of the gun biz, for sure.