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The war on cameras

Pretty egregious tale of some guys with cameras v. the Miami police. Police begin harassing the guys for recording them.

4 Responses to “The war on cameras”

  1. Chas Says:

    You can’t go far without being recorded by a government camera these days, yet they throw a temper tantrum if you have the audacity to record THEM.
    WE own this country. It belongs to US, and we have every right to record those who work for us when they are out in public, despite their self-serving objections.

  2. divemedic Says:

    @ Chas, and if the government camera happens to film the police being in the wrong, there is a “technical problem” and the film is unrecoverable.

  3. John Smith. Says:

    That is why you use a streaming upload to a remote server…. Technical problems are suddenly no longer a big deal….

  4. JKB Says:

    Police spokesperson said they were trying to “incite” police.

    Shouldn’t something like the police being “incited” against their better judgement be handled by that “professional” police training we’re always hearing about?