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February 28, 2011

Machine Gun Scam

There were allegations of this a couple years back, but ATF is now charging someone with it:

The defendants accomplished this by “harvesting” serial numbers from older machine guns, which would be destroyed, and then welding those serial numbers onto larger, more expensive machine guns that they had manufactured. By so doing, they allegedly evaded the 1986 federal machine gun ban, which prohibited civilians from possessing or transferring machine guns manufactured before May 19, 1986. The indictment says this pattern of conduct involved 34 machine guns, allowing the defendants “to profit from the possession, transfer, and sale of machine guns that the defendants and others were otherwise prohibited to manufacture, possess, transfer, and sell.”

Stamp a registered MAC serial number onto an AR receiver = profit. ATF’s horrid lack of management of the NFRTR database contributed to this scam. And if I were the guys involved, I’d point that out at trial.

Suppressors are for safety

So says the Munroe Fall Police Chief:

Police Chief Scott Bellinger hopes new sound suppressers and residents’ input on the schedule for the police firing range can result in a quieter shooting practice for both Munroe Falls Police and residents this spring.

A meeting will take place March 8 at 6:30 p.m. at Munroe Falls City Hall.

Stow and Silver Lake officers, who also use the Munroe Falls range, will be present.

Bellinger said the goal of the meeting is to try to minimize the effects the Munroe Falls range has on the residents and their families by allowing them into the scheduling process for the range practices.

Sound suppression is the polite thing to do. Too bad the federal government makes that expensive and burdensome.

Movie Review Haiku: The Road

The apocalypse
Without all the zombies; but
Redneck cannibals

Reality! don’t talk about reality!

A deputy AG in Indiana was fired for saying that police should use live ammunition in dealing with protesters. This has people forgetting exactly how the police work and they are all butthurt over the comment. Roberta brings a gentle reminder:

Wake up and smell the reality: every time Officer Friendly deals with you in an official capacity, there’s live ammo involved; just because it doesn’t go “bang,” that doesn’t mean it isn’t in use.

Yes. It’s what they do. It’s their job. The AG’s comment was in poor taste due to his intent. But it is how the world works.


Over the years, Tom Humphrey has said a lot of dumb things. But this one is probably the dumbest. He’s addressing the TN assembly’s tendency to introduce and debate stupid laws. But, says Tom, that’s OK. They’re just blowing off steam. You know, just a little harmless fun with serious real world effects.

Look, sparky, when these idiots pass dumb laws (and some of them do pass), those laws have real world consequences that affect the citizens of this state. And that is not a laughing matter. And blowing off steam is not a good excuse. It’s ridiculous and you enabling that behavior is worse.

Doesn’t strike me as the sort to back down

Jeanne Assam, the hero who helped stop a church shooter in Colorado, says she’s now been asked to leave the church because she is gay. The church denies it and I hope it’s not true. That’s now way to treat a lady or a hero.

Droid does

How My Smart Phone Got Me Out Of A Speeding Ticket In Traffic Court

Constitutional Carry

In Wyoming, awaiting the governor’s signature.

And a push in South Carolina.

A tale told to an idiot

Joe answers a question. It’s a good response, too bad it’s wasted one someone who can’t comprehend.

Gun Buyback

Texans out bid police at gun buyback program.

A helpful correction

CNN: Shoot pirates on sight?

No. It should be: Shoot pirates on sight!

US gun shows

NSSF says Mexican army providing drug cartel weapons.

Wikileaks says there’s a smuggling operation going through government channels.

That and the ATF is helping out too.

But of course

Former MADD chapter president charged with DUI. Blew in .2s. That’s really drunk.


Not sure what’s more disturbing here, the cavalier attitude or being flat out wrong on firearms training:

Civilians taking firearms training are typically coached, as a precaution against accidental discharge, not to have a round chambered in the weapon unless they intend to fire.

However, troopers and other law enforcement officers are trained to have a round chambered even when their weapon is holstered, so they are ready to draw and fire immediately when a life-threatening situation occurs.

Are they trained to keep their booger hook off the bang switch?

The company you keep

Another member of Mayors Against Guns charged with, well, a laundry list of crimes. Truly, an organization of criminals protecting criminals.

Intent no longer matters in law

Robb Allen, accidental criminal.

In Largo

Anti-gun mayor preventing gun shop from opening, without legal justification.

For all those tactical 22 rifles

There is now special 22 ammo.

Layers of editorial oversight

Spot the machine gun.

Gun Porn

Dual Attached Full Auto Glocks. No, really.

S&W Gear Shift Knobs

Garand pic

February 26, 2011

Alien Santa Claus

An artistic rendition from my four year old:

From Kids

I note his teacher cannot spell but I’m not one to talk.

Is Advocacy of Jury Nullification a Crime?

More on the case of the feds arresting a guy for handing out pamphlets.


Paul Clolery: Intelligent People With Opposing Ideas Can Compromise

I agree. Which is why we will not compromise. You’re not intelligent people.


Shippers hiring contractors and arming up against pirates. Took long enough.

Important question

A very good one.

Here’s hoping

Republicans Seek Repeal of Incandescent Bulb Ban

February 25, 2011

Epic thread is epic

Apparently, everyone on the internet has linked to this post because the comments are that good. My favorite is this one:

Unlike developments Airstrip One, sorryfeel Minitrue. All proles doubleplus unlike Minitrue.

Some Minitrue also Thinkpol. But Thinkpol everywhere. Most Minitrue peopleguys no choice but their job.

And where go if unlove Big Brother?

Heh. Even better, Michael, the guy who started it, is being a good sport:

As much as I hate to admit it, the recent developments in this thread are of such epic proportions that I now understand my error. I didn’t ask for any of this and realize that internet comedy gold like this cannot be planned.

Not guilty

Florida man accidentally takes a gun to Manhattan, while lost. Gets pulled over for right turn on red. Cops see the gun and he is arrested for having a gun. Aggressively prosecuted for making a mistake and getting lost but the jury finds him not guilty. Good.

A possible case of jury nullification?



Poor Denny Henny, incapable of forming a coherent argument. You see, Denny, it is not hypocritical to support laws on the books and then not support laws made up via bureaucratic fiat. The latter is actually what any sane person should do.


A man makes a blade out of homemade steel. Lots of pics.