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Fake guns, 40 robbers and a Gurkha

Bet on the Gurkha:

The band of about 40 robbers, some of whom were travelling as passengers, stopped the train in the Chittaranjan jungles in West Bengal around midnight. Shrestha– who had boarded the train at Ranchi in Jharkhand, the place of his posting–was in seat no. 47 in coach AC3.

“They started snatching jewelry, cell phones, cash, laptops and other belongings from the passengers,” Shrestha recalled. The soldier had somehow remained a silent spectator amidst the melee, but not for long. He had had enough when the robbers stripped an 18-year-old girl sitting next to him and tried to rape her right in front of her parents. He then took out his khukuri and took on the robbers.

“The girl cried for help, saying ´You are a soldier, please save a sister´,” Shrestha recalled. “I prevented her from being raped, thinking of her as my own sister,” he added. He took one of the robbers under control and then started to attack the others. He said the rest of the robbers fled after he killed three of them with his khukuri and injured eight others.

During the scuffle he received serious blade injury to his left hand while the girl also had a minor cut on her neck. “They had carried out their robbery with swords, blades and pistols. The pistols may have been fake as they didn´t open fire,” he surmised.

16 Responses to “Fake guns, 40 robbers and a Gurkha”

  1. chris Says:

    Those fake guns would not be very persuasive against a Bengal tiger.

  2. Bobby Says:

    So he saw firearms, and was severely outnumbered, and still chose to defend those around him with a (big) knife?

    What a story. He is a Hero.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Always bet on the Gurkha.

  4. junyo Says:

    This. Real heroes aren’t looking to be heroes, they just rise to the occasion.

    And you have to figure that hand to hand in a long narrow space where it’s hard for the assailants to come from multiple directions but where you still have room to swing your arms is darn near the perfect environment for a knife fight, especially if you’ve got a big knife.

  5. Stretch Says:

    Wonder how a Gurkha says “Oh HELL no!”

  6. Divemedic Says:

    Never happen here. the soldier would have been disarmed by TSA:

  7. MadRocketScientist Says:

    Oh those horrible vigilantes! Taking the law & justice into their own hands!

  8. BobG Says:

    “Wonder how a Gurkha says “Oh HELL no!””

    He just smiles and unsheathes his knife…

  9. ctr Says:

    no TICKET!

  10. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    “Ayo Gorkhali” – the Gurkhas are coming.

  11. Firehand Says:

    Stretch, I think it’s “Ayo Gorkhali!”, the Gurkha are upon you. Or so I read somewhere

  12. Firehand Says:

    Crap, just noticed Jack beat me to it

  13. Firehand Says:

    Notice this line?
    He took one of the robbers under control and then started to attack the others.
    Maybe whacked him hard enough to control him and then used him in front to block the others?

  14. Gunner M. Says:

    He used the poor smuck as a human shield…that hardcore.

  15. Jake Says:

    Q: Chuck Norris meets a Gurkha who has been ordered to bring him in “dead or alive.” Who wins?

    A: Chuck Norris surrenders, because he knows he’s outmatched.

    “Five million Cybermen, easy. One Gurkha? NOW you’re scared! ” – Rose, to the Daleks. [Not really, but they would have been.]

  16. dave Says:

    According to Wikipedia, former chief of staff of the Indian army Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw said this about Gurkhas: “If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gurkha.”