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America’s most bizarre taxes

Tennessee makes the list twice.

4 Responses to “America’s most bizarre taxes”

  1. Ray Walters Says:

    No TN ammo tax mentioned?

  2. wizardpc Says:

    Huh. I did not know we had an ammo tax.

    State law requires that all persons, firms, and corporations engaged in the business of buying, selling, distributing, storing, receiving, having in possession or using shotgun shells or metallic cartridges, shall pay a special privilege tax in addition to all other taxes in an amount or equal to 10 cents per individual container on all center-fire ammunition, all shotgun shells, and rim-fire ammunition. For more information about Ammunition Tax Stamps and how to obtain them, please contact the TWRA Revenue Office at 1-800-648-8798.

  3. Ancient Woodsman Says:

    A good many states have a tax for harvesting timber. I’ve always thought the title of our RSA 79 was pretty neat: “Forest Conservation and Taxation”. You’d have to know a bit about the history to figure out how taxation of a commodity was related to conservation of the same, but it is an odd title nonetheless.

    Politicians like to tout the Granite State as being ‘tax free’ since we have no income or sales tax, but we sure do tax just about everything else. And, sell you your booze, right on the highway.

  4. Dan Says:

    Still would rather put up with these than a state income tax.