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First they came for the sex offenders

Sex offender registries: They’re not just for sex offenders anymore.

The expanding list of crimes that label one a sex offender is ridiculous. Sexting, for instance. These registries are expensive but are overloaded with useless information. The neighbor’s kid got fined for peeing in public is treated the same as the baby-raper.

2 Responses to “First they came for the sex offenders”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    Mission creep….

  2. Beaumont Says:

    Deliberate creep, maybe. You end up with a large and growing class of people who are told that their continued freedom, such as it is, and general welfare are at the mercy of the State’s graces. Remember that, to a statist, anyone who disagrees is a potential criminal, and they can find Something to hang around their necks — be it a sex charge, or a noose. In the meantime, real rapists and abusers go free.