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Kids and chores

Les Jones ponders chores reasonable for kids aged 4 and 6. Since I have kids that age, I figure I’ll chime in some. We have our kids do the three that Les mentioned. I also have the kids help unload the car after trips. Have them carry their own bags in, for example. Any mess they make, I make them clean. I make certain they clean the sink after they brush their teeth, for instance.

Other things I’ve had them do include:

Rake leaves
Pick veggies from the garden
Help me wash the cars, they get tire duty
Wipe up the water they leave in the bathroom floor after they shower
Carry in groceries

Junior actually volunteers to clean the windows.

10 Responses to “Kids and chores”

  1. Robert Says:

    If you could get them to reload ammo you would be set!

  2. Sean Says:

    Ha… Now i don’t have children… but my two sisters do, and wow… i read your post and saw “wash the car… they get tire duty” and i felt compelled to post.

    If i suggested to my sister that her son help wash the car.. especially the tires i can already see the black look and hear the screams.

    She would be shocked i would even suggest such a thing due to exposing her child to the chemicals involved in a task not to mention the brake dust and dirt. On the one hand i understand where she is coming from… there are quite a few chemicals out there in todays world and its amazing how many of them we just work in and around without thinking… but at the same time… damn…. let the kid be a kid.

    just thought i would share my thoughts on that particular chore.

  3. Tango Says:

    Wipe out the shower/bathtub after using it. It goes a LONG way to keeping it much cleaner.

  4. John Smith. Says:

    16 hours a day in a third world sweat shop making junk products for walmart….

  5. hist_ed Says:

    My 18 year old daughter has been responsible for all the dishes since she was ten or eleven (now that I am paying for college tuition, he chore list has grown). We made a deal with her to pick what she does. The 3 and 5 year old boys help clear the table and pick up toys. They also love helping with the cars, usually by vacuuming inside wile I clean outside. The 3 year old is obsessed with vacuuming-he has a toy vacuum and loves to help push the real one. I am trying to find a small vacuum that he can actually manage.

    And the 18 year old helps with loading mags and cleaning guns. I don’t reload yet (one day soon), but she will certainly learn that when I do.

    So, all, what age to start the boys shooting (daughter has been going to the range with me for years)? Their mom thinks 5 is waaaayyy too young to shoot anything, even a BB gun. I think this is about the right time for a little .22 time (with supervision, of course).

  6. John Smith. Says:

  7. SPQR Says:

    A kid to do my reloading? Hmmm, maybe I could adopt …

  8. Sean casey Says:

    Lessons learned hard are lessons learned well. As children my brother and I had a great many chores. We were ‘latch key’ kids with both working parents. My older brother would get dinner going, we’d clean our rooms and tidy the house, do our homework before my folks got home, etc. As adults, my brother (now departed) had two boys and I none. He felt we’d been ill used in some ways as kids and his boys had to do nothing! As a result, they were tough for me to deal with as children. They loved to come fishing with me, but complained incessantly about the work involved. I persevered and now both J, 19, and R, 12, are more solidly grounded with regard to work and it’s rewards. More importantly, they understand personal responsibility!

    Lessons learned hard are lessons learned well. Good on you!

  9. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    I’ve put a bit of a load on my 1415 year-old son, me being almost unable to walk most of the summer, nevermind do most of the chores. He takes out trash, keeps the dog fed, puts away dishes, etc. Just wish I could get him to close the shower curtain when he’s done. Not sure I want him reloading; I’m kinda particular. What age to start them shooting? Big judgement call there; some are ready younger than others.

  10. julie Says:

    Miss 7 and Miss 9 help me with reloading. Miss 9 could probably do it on her own (she’s got a firm grasp of how it all works), but it’s one of those things I like to be in on.

    As for chores Miss 7’s favourite chore is cleaning the ensuite. She’s been doing it for just on a year now and she makes it sparkle. She also likes folding tea-towels and she’ll put on a load of washing (front loader). She also will sweep and mop floors, oh and taking the rubbish out and putting the bins out for collection.

    Miss 9 can do and will do pretty much anything around the house.

    (Oh and Mr Evilwrench – age to start shooting? Both mine have been shooting for a couple of years, BUT i am convinced that they won’t do anything until i tell them to, then they’ll only do what i say AND i know they’ll listen … once you’re pretty much convinced that they’ll do that, then shooting is appropriate IMHO).