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December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Blogging sporadic for the rest of the weekend. Plans and all. But you and yours, have a happy one.

The quickest way to double the stopping power of your weapon is a follow up shot

A look at stopping power.

Committing a felony is a loophole

So says the Brady Campaign. If you purchase a handgun out of state, it must go through an FFL. I can’t imagine they don’t know the law. They’re just being deceptive. Of course, most of their ‘supporters’ get their understanding of gun laws from watching crappy crime dramas.

Tactical Bottle Opener

I don’t think guns and alcohol mix. But this rail mounted bottle opener is pretty darn funny.

Banning Colored Guns

Firearms preemption victory in NY.

Thoughts on Cheap Guns

From Ian. Also, guns are expensive because there’s an 11% federal tax on them.

Gun Porn

Anderson Mfg. Bull Barrel AR

Linked before I think but here’s a 20 shot revolver. Via John.

Show us your AAC

The year’s acquisitions.

Citizen Citation

Citizen ‘tickets’ cop who unlawfully parked. Actually going to court.

Deal Alert

Aimpoint Micro for under three bills.

More on domestic violence and right to arms

From David Hardy.

They had different words and stuff back then

Ezra Klein says it’s impossible to understand the constitution because it’s 100 years old.

But Global Warming Is Different

8 Botched Environmental Forecasts

December 30, 2010

Second Amendment And Domestic Violence

From Glenn, fourth circuit orders hearing to assess constitutionality of banning those charged with domestic violence from owning guns.

Crimson Trace Handgun Light

Gun Nuts has a pic. I like the concept for the same reason I like their LaserGrips over other brands of laser sights. Your draw will activate it. No extra buttons to fool with.

Innovative idea.

In Cali

You driving all the time is bad for the environment and causes congestion and annoys stupid hippies. And other stuff, I’m sure. And the reason you drive everywhere is because of all that free parking. So let’s get rid of free parking.

Colt 100th Anniversary 1911

For $70K. Even at that price, the internets tell me the 1911 won’t run.

Via the duck.

Chicks and guns

84 year old grandmother with the Slide Fire bump fire stock:

The SSAR looks like a good way to turn money into noise.

What is, then?

Via Radley, I am reminded of of this gem from President Clinton tying loving freedom to terrorism:

the belief that the greatest threat to American freedom is our government, and that public servants do not protect our freedoms, but abuse them.

Well, Bubba, what is the greatest threat to American freedom? I’ll wait.

The worst a bunch of goat-humpers can do is small scale, sporadic attacks. Those attacks don’t really threaten my freedom. The reaction from people like you to those attacks does.

MD Concealed Carry Case

John has an update. A win, I would think.

Preemption upheld

In Ohio, the supreme court tells the city of Cleveland that, yes, you actually do have to obey the law.

1911s suck – this time with numbers

Crunching the numbers on failures and reliability.

BTW, people seem to take these “your gun sucks” posts a little too seriously. Choosing a gun is a very personal thing. There are, for instance, a lot of things that can’t be measured such as feel, ergonomics, what works for individuals. If you like 1991s or Glocks or whatever, go for it. I link to these posts because sometimes there’s useful info or you might learn something just by hearing another point of view.

I don’t think 1911s suck. I like to shoot them because they are pleasant to shoot. So don’t get all butthurt because someone doesn’t like your flavor of kool-aid.

SoCons bail

Looks like they won’t play in any reindeer games because of all the gay cooties.

500 Chainsaw?

Not sure if serious:

From Gun Porn


Ankle holsters

At a shoot, Glenn was talking about his. And he said something to the effect of “they don’t suck anymore”. They used to. And I never owned one. Now, they’ve improved a bit. CTD has a look.


Rich: Am I the only one that finds it strange that the US government apparently believes that a nuclear war is more survivable than global warming?

About that report on high police officer fatalities

Divemedic looks at the numbers.

Zero intelligence

Student suspended for having a paring knife. Every administrator at that school should be tarred and feathered.

Punishing the law abiding

Scott Bach looks at New Jersey gun laws.

It’s a trap!


Design a gun

Interesting experiment.