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November 30, 2010

Movie err TV show Review Haiku: The Walking Dead

Liked it at the start
Needs more zombie killing now
And far less drama

TSA and Tacpens

Reader reports that TSA has come out against tactical pens:

When is a pen not just a pen? The answer is when it doubles as a potential weapon.

A TSO at Palm Beach International (Fla.) was working the X-ray machine when he came across an anomaly on the screen and called for a search of a passenger’s backpack. Inside, the responding Officer discovered a tactical pen, used commonly by law enforcement as a defense tool with its sharp aluminum-based point on one end and blunt portion on the other.

A Supervisory TSO confirmed that item was a prohibited item. The police responded and issued the passenger a criminal summons to appear in court – under the state statute – for carrying a concealed weapon. He was cleared for travel and there were no flight delays.

I will note that even after I was pulled aside for being a smart ass err additional security measures, that TSA missed my TacPen. And my multitool.


15 year old walks right past the no gun sign and takes hostages.

And you can’t carry a concealed weapon in Wisconsin.

Fight Science

I caught a couple of episodes of the show Fight Science this weekend. A lot of it is sort of hokey stuff that’s kind of a waste. For instance, the guy channeling his Chi. See, he channeled his Chi to give him an “iron shirt”. Then he placed a spear to his throat, leaned into it, and some other dude broke a stick on his back. Neat trick, I guess. And it is a trick. After all, if you had an “iron shirt”, why not just let someone stab you with the spear instead of the dramatic set up? And an episode on comparing the foot pounds of different kicks from different martial arts. Meh.

But one episode was called Human Weapons and it talked about self-defense. It was pretty clear that the experts on the show dictated the theme and not the scientists. The experts discussed situational awareness and various techniques to break attacks, with the theme being avoidance first and running the hell away if that fails. It was actually pretty good for TV.

The other cool episode was the sniper. The hooked him up to a machine to see if, as snipers claim, they really do shoot between heartbeats. And this guy did. Also, they put him in a box that was 130 degrees to see if he could make the shot. Then they buried him in ice to see if he could make it. He timed his shot between shivers. Then, they put him in a box with over 5,000 assorted spiders, worms and bugs.

And one episode showed a guy break free of a taser.


Ex-con wants to join anti-gun campaign. Well, they like their victims unarmed.

Gifts for Weirdos

An interesting list of gifts for people. I have given the S&W TacPen as a gift to a lot of folks. It’s always a hit.

Via Neatorama

Good Cause

A look at the challenge to obtain a carry license in San Diego.


Mr. Compleltely announces The Gun Blogger Rendezvous for 2011.


Your 1911 is its own toolbox.

Thompson Conversion kit for 10/22s

That is cool

What the Hell?

If this worked, I’d be shocked.

Life of a barrel: About 6 seconds

Interesting measure.

But something we’ve talked about before.

Mission Creepy

Department of Homeland Security seizing domain names of file sharing services.

Homemade Guns

A zippo lighter gun.

Some vaguely AKish.

TSA nonsense

TSA harasses a women who is transporting breast milk.

TSA makes four year old remove leg braces.

The terrorists have won.

A list of things we do to prevent terrorism.

Opt day fizzled. Of course. People have shit to do.

Neocons share the blame too.

Gun Porn


Ruger Alaskan 454


Gun of the Year



November 29, 2010

A smiting

Athletes tend to thank God when they win. But when they lose, they don’t blame him. Well, until now.


For all the comments on the Smith and Wesson M&P9. I handled one at the gun show and really liked how it felt. I need to go shoot one. And it looks like there are quite a few options. I hope there is one that doesn’t have all the dumb stuff like manual safeties and magazine disconnect safeties.

in which I actually blog about a gun

I’m reminded why I prefer the Glock to the 1911 every time I have to clean the 1911.

Near miss

I “nearly missed” making a list of most popular “conservative” websites. Probably OK since I nearly missed actually being a conservative.

Dustbin of history

Anti-gunners looking to pass on their deceit to younger generations? It’s hard being on the wrong side.

Executive II Review

Jay has a review of Michael’s Custom Holsters Executive II: The Executive II isn’t going to sit in a holster drawer.

And it’s on sale.

Glock 34 Kaboom

Pics of the aftermath of the ‘high energy event’.


Most gun crimes committed by people who cant’ legally own guns.

TSA stuff

I, domestic extremist.

I weep for my country.

Elected officials with stakes in the companies that make the airport scanners.

Adam Savage: TSA saw my junk, missed 12″ razor blades

Who the terrorists are.

How government works

FBI thwarts terror plot. Only, they didn’t:

However, the supposed explosive was a dummy that FBI operatives supplied to him, according to an affidavit in support of a criminal complaint signed Friday night by U.S. Magistrate Judge John V. Acosta.

If you create the scenario, you really didn’t “thwart” anything.

Go Vote

At the Outdoor Channel, there’s a contest. A couple of bloggers you may know are involved. Michael Bane is up for best host. And SWAT TV is up for best new series. And Tam is doing some work for them. She even has a twitter account set up.

Unclear on the concept

Anti-violence activist charged with inciting a riot.

Castle Doctrine

PA governor vetoes it.


Via Tam, comes this:

. . . Liberals, the great opposition to everything mean and ruthless in this culture, couldn’t muster up a get-together for anything better than a mock-in.

That’s pretty funny right there. On many levels. I think this might explain it.