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September 30, 2010

300 AAC BlackOut

300BLK. Another 30 caliber round for the AR platform.

And we’ve been sending them signals!

Cool: . . . I would say, my own personal feeling is that the chances of life on this planet are 100 percent

Googling up studies

Once again, at the VPC. Also, if you look on their mainpage, they stole an image from a gun magazine. I believe that pic was in a recent American Rifleman. But it may have been another magazine I get.

U.S. House of Representatives Passes “Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Improvements Act”

On it’s way to the president for signature. This bill “fixes” issues with the original bill.

I wonder if, in practice, the law is still not valid in NYC?

In Chicago

A self-defense shooting that results in no charges filed against the shooter.

Chicks and Guns

Various methods of concealed carry for the Ruger LCR:

I do want one

A pocket rifle. From the gallery here.

Then why are they taking Republican seats?


Claiming the Tea Party is taking over the Republican party is like claiming KFC took over Kentucky Fried Chicken—they are the same thing.

Tell that to Miller and O’Donnell.

Deception in the press

He’s a gun owner but . . .


The NYT on urban coyotes. Last Wednesday, on was trotting through the field behind my house. Managed to get to the ridge before I could get a bead on it.


Independent, conservative candidate. With a D after his name. No mention of that or Obama.

Canine fatalities

A chart.

Gunsmithing the revolver

From Bill.

Gun Porn


S&W 629 in 44 that blew up.

AR-15 Grip for your maglite?

Daddin’ ain’t easy

I got dozens of dollars.

September 29, 2010


This looks like the next must have accessory for the AK.

Texting while driving

Bans on it coincide with increases in traffic accidents. Heh.

I, terrorist

Feds equate photographers with terrorists.

Pro-gun forces of darkness

Has a nicer ring than Triangle of Death.

Hippies: Like Libertarians only smellier

Shill blogger: We’re the girl you’ll take under the bleachers but you won’t be seen with in the light of day.

And a look at blog numbers and how to get Axelrod to call you.

I think hippie punching is my new favorite term. And it should be a national sport.


Stuff to do. But here’s some stuff to read.

Guns in Mexico: steal them from police arsenals.

Gun rights and the 2010 elections

You can have my beer stein when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

Murder rates rising at alarming rate in NYC. Unlike the rest of the country.

Bottlenecked handgun cartridges

Subcompact Gen4 Glocks coming

September 28, 2010

“unfortunate coincidence”

In TX:

In an unfortunate coincidence, several student organization, including the Libertarian Longhorns, the UT Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, the UT Objectivism Society and the UT Federalist Society planned to host John Lott, author of the book “More Guns, Less Crime,” at the UT Law School.

A student there took a gun to the library today and shot himself. So far, appears to be the only casualty. He also fired several rounds from his “automatic weapon”.

Update: More coverage here.

Getting in to practical shooting

Someone you might know tells you how.


Wiretapping charges against motorcycle helmet guy dropped.

Tennessee’s Illegal Drug Tax Stamp

First, it takes a special kind of stupid to lose money when your only job is to take people’s property without due process of law and sell it:

A report released today by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research (TCPR) finds that from January 1-June 21, 2005, Tennessee’s Unauthorized Substances Tax (UST) cost taxpayers nearly $1.5 million more than it generated in revenue.

With that business model, I could retire next week.

Now, it’s costing more since the law was struck down as unconstitutional:

2,772 people could be eligible for ‘crack tax’ refunds in TN

When Williamson County Sheriff Ricky Headley was busted for illegal prescription pills, the state taxed him $13,000 on the value of those drugs.

Then, he got his money back. Plus interest.

“I got every penny back,” said his Nashville lawyer, David Raybin.

Beautiful. I love it.

Via The Rep.

“Fair share”

For people who never really leave the first grade.

Somewhat related, but this past weekend I was unloading 2.5 tons of rocks. And not one person showed up and offered to divide up the labor.

Neo Prohibitionists

At one point, the various xADD groups were fine organizations with a noble goal of educating people. Now, they’re just prohibitionist wrapped in righteousness:

M.A.D.D. activists are now pushing to make drunk driving a felony, and to lower the blood alcohol level standard for DUI from .08 (already lowered from .10 thanks to MADD activists) down to .04.

.04 is the BAC you’d get from a glass of wine.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see that this would create a gigantic new group of felons.

Well, making people felons is what politicians and activists do to look tough on crime. It’s easier than doing something.

More from Sebastian.

the cleavage holster – again

GG issues a challenge:

LOL, men! You guys crack me up. I have a few extra holsters… If I mail you all one, will you post cleavage pics?

CMP Medals

Robert has some. Congrats.

What media bias?

Nothing to see here. Look at the funny man.