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Zombies are racist

Racism in Resident Evil:

A controversy raged about whether the game was racist or not. For my part, I’ve written elsewhere how the bugged-out eyes and animalistic savagery of the zombie attackers in “Resident Evil 5” reminded me of racist imagery used to perpetuate stereotypes and ignorance about black people.

Even more pathetic is the promise of increased cultural sensitivity. In a game about killing zombies. I shit you not. And folks wonder why accusations of racism are yawned at.

In other news, I don’t care if you’re a white zombie or a black zombie. I’m braining you. Especially white zombies because their music sucks.

11 Responses to “Zombies are racist”

  1. SPQR Says:

    George Romero’s first zombie movie had a black protagonist.

  2. Ed Says:


  3. Jeffrey H Says:

    Lies!!!! White Zombie is classic. I remember seeing them live in 1996, they were amazing!!!

  4. David Says:

    The only thing I found racist was the writer’s article, not the game. “reminded me of racist imagery used to perpetuate stereotypes and ignorance about black people.” Seriously?

  5. ishida Says:

    HEY! I like White Zombie!

    Electric Head Pt. 1 and 2, anyway.

  6. RML Says:

    Rob Zombie put on the most spectacular set at this summer’s Mayhem Festival, although Lamb of God could have headlined. Korn was boring. The Zombie show had flames, a hundred spinning pentagrams, a robot, vintage Japanese scifi on video and a full catalog of cool tunes from the last 15 years.

  7. SayUncle Says:

    And all of that was set to shitty music 🙂

  8. shamalama Says:

    I’m actually looking forward to the Zombie Apocalypse, as the Panty-Wearing Crybabies, like the author of this article, will be the first to get eaten.

    After the Zombie Apocalypse, do you think I’ll actually get to meet Alice, have her save me from the undead hordes, and the two of us retire to an island sanctuary to re-populate the planet?

  9. Jerry Says:

    I slam in the back of my dragula.

  10. SPQR Says:

    Some people preparing for the race war … errr … zombie apocalypse.

  11. SteveA Says:

    not liking white zombie just proves you have shit for taste in music.
    Good taste in guns though.
    Can’t really hold it against you as you are a damn yankee.