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Fall is coming

This morning, I woke up and it was 68 degrees at my house. That’s the first sub 70 temperature I can remember.

11 Responses to “Fall is coming”

  1. Fred Says:

    I was working graveyard last week and it was down in the 40s at least one night. Gotta love Wisconsin.

  2. Robert Says:

    Yeah. I noticed a nip in the air this morning here in Asheville also.

  3. Mad Man Says:

    Maybe you should start getting up earlier, you slacker. It’s been in the 60’s in the mornings for at least a week now. ;D

  4. Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner Says:

    Well, the days are starting like that here in Mosby’s Confederacy too, but it doesn’t last. I just got back in from removing a locust tree that fell in the neighbors yard, and I think I lost 5# in sweat. It’s 92 right now. At least the humidity is in check.

  5. Tennessee Budd Says:

    I’m surprised, Unc–the other night it was 58 at my place, & I’m only at 1000′ elevation.

  6. Huck Says:

    It was in the low 40s at 6am here in Uinta County Wyoming at 6700+ feet. That global warming’s a real mofo aint it?

    I dont think fall is here yet. The trees aint changing colors and the honkers aint on their way south.

  7. Darrell Says:

    We have a few bushes and one tree near work starting to show color already. This is in Colorado.

  8. Eric Says:

    Last Friday I knew fall was fast approaching when I went out doors at about 8 a.m. and realized it was only about 80 degrees. In fact, it only got up to about 88, our first sub-100 day for weeks. How refreshing!

    S. Texas.

  9. Lyle Says:

    So; at your current trend of two degrees drop in temperature per day, if Congress allows this to continue, you’ll be seeing, in 90 days, a temperature of minus 112 degrees. In a year it’ll be 654 degrees below zero. Damn those capitalists! Call Michael Moore!

  10. RT Says:

    Huck said “I don’t think fall is here yet. The trees ain’t changing colors and the honkers ain’t on their way south.”

    Here we can tell it’s almost winter by the Floridians all heading south, instead of geese.

  11. PawPaw Says:

    Oh, you’re talking OUTSIDE temps. I thought maybe your A/C wasn’t working properly.

    I keep my house at 68 degrees year round.

    Outside in humid Louisiana, it’s hotter than Hades.