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There’s some controversy because a woman running for house seat (who is also a model) has some ‘racy’ photos out there. Gee, a model doing racy photos? I am shocked. Well, Oatney has the ‘racy’ photo. If someone gave the rope a tug, it’d be racy. As such, it’s more typical model portfolio fare.

9 Responses to “ZOMG!!!11eleven MODEL POSES FOR PICS”

  1. pdb Says:

    It’s only an issue because she’s running as a Republican.

  2. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    I’ve seen people dressed for court in “less racy” attire.

  3. Huck Says:

    “Its only an issue because shes running as a Republican.”

    Yup. If she was running with a “D” after her name the lamesteam media would’nt mention it.

  4. Lyle Says:

    I figure the thought process goes like this; Republicans are prudish, intolerant, religious fundamentalist, Victorian prudes, so if a Republican can be shown doing anything remotely “racy” we have to show the world. In response, all the right-wing prudes will disown the person in a heartbeat. Hence the candidate will fail.

    What the left perpetually fails to understand is that their premise is false. Another thing they perpetually fail to understand is that conservatives dont support particular individuals in a political race. We support the principles of liberty, knowing full well that the humans involved are imperfect.

    That said; the photo wont cause so much as a raised eyebrow among conservatives, except for the fact that shes hot, which is a plus.

  5. Borepatch Says:

    The media mentioned Scott Brown’s Playgirl photo, too. The whole thing was a yawn.

  6. John Smith Says:

    I got news for them she is not that hot.

  7. Inebriated Arsonist Says:

    I think she’s kinda cute.

    The article mentions that she has a thirteen-year-old kid, means that she was only fifteen when the kid was born. Raising a kid when you’re that young ain’t easy, and a little modeling probably helped pay the bills. Good on her for making the hard choice, I say.

  8. Spook45 Says:

    My take on things like this is, what she does behind other doors is her business as long as she “represents” the will of the people when she behind the doors of the House of Reps. Idont care if shes a freakin STRIPPER if she will listen to the people who electe her and represent them accordingly.

  9. Newbius Says:

    Umm…yeah. What Spook45 said.