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New idea in optics

Clearing up sight picture from Idaho National Labs. More here. Not sure how it would mount but that would increase accuracy.

5 Responses to “New idea in optics”

  1. Sailorcurt Says:

    There are already aperture sighting systems out there (primarily for match rifles) that accept corrective lenses.

    It wouldn’t be hard for them to make one of these new style lenses to fit.

    I’m eager for something to come out (hopefully that I can afford) as I have significant issues with seeing the target while focusing on the front sight since I’ve gotten older.

    I think this product could really help with that and improve my performance during matches.

  2. Stranger Says:

    A pinhole camera forces all incoming light to travel in a straight line, so there is no need for optical correction at all. Everything from here to infinity is in focus. Unfortunately, the human eye contains a corrective lens, the cornea, which must be compensated for.

    Aperture discs do much the same thing as a pinhole camera, effectively narrowing the incoming beam of light to cover only the center of the retina, resulting in much less need to focus on individual distances. Of course, if you have a visual impairment that requires correction to focus at infinity, a corrective lens would be nice.

    It should not be difficult to incorporate an optical grating system into an existing optical sight, bringing every thing from a few inches to infinity into focus. So I expect the major ‘scope makers to start announcing “now with InfiniFocus!” just any day now.

    Of course, some enterprising soul will probably market a variation on the Storm Queen lens cap with the system built in. How that would work is an open question. But it will be interesting to see how well it does.


  3. Phelps Says:

    Ditto to the others, it seems like the real invention has been a multiple focal distance lens. How you mount the lens shouldn’t be too difficult, and it should work just fine attached to a peep sight.

  4. Earl Harding Says:

    I have almost lost the ability to use iron sights as I have gotten older.

    I wonder if they could make this so it sticks onto a pair of glasses? I’ve seen an aperture that does that. This would bring much pleasure back to shooting my milsurps.


  5. comatus Says:

    It’s an optical device, so it might as well be a telescope as far as the rules are concerned. This will be legal, on “any sights” day. It would be a lifesaver if there were a sudden worldwide shortage of Unertltonium or Swarovskyite.

    Any age-related deterioration of sight picture that is caused by changes in eye shape, or spots of macular degeneration, can be “cured” by a liberal application of adjustable non-lensed aperture sights. As the raging pistoleros age, pistol rules will change too.

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