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Guns in cars

Bill defeated in Florida.

3 Responses to “Guns in cars”

  1. Gregory Morris Says:

    Heh. You _can_ keep a gun in your car anywhere in FL. This bill was just fixing some loopholes in the parking lot bill.

  2. DeadCenter Says:

    So how exactly does keeping my firearm in my PERSONAL PROPERTY somehow violate someone else’s property right? Does my employer get to choose what engine I must have in my car on his lot? Does he get to decide what color my personal car needs to be before I can park it there? Or what quality of gas I put in the tank? Why does he get to decide what LEGALLY OWNED property I get to store in my PERSONALLY OWNED vehicle, unless it is a DIRECT danger to safety, such as spark producing devices that would produce such sparks in the direct vicinity of the dangerous materials.? My firearm stored in my car does NOT meet that criteria. The BS put into the previous law about prohibiting firearms in cars for companies that manufactured ‘dangerous commodities’ was simply a crap-out cover to give companies a loop-hole to violate MY rights. Property rights do NOT supersede basic human rights like that of self-defense. Otherwise no property owner would have to respect the 13th amendment.

  3. Kevin Baker Says:

    How long before the (G)VPC and Brady Campaign issue pressers stating that the gun control pendulum is now swinging the other way?

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