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ATF and BB Guns

Bob Owens has more on the issue. Seems ATF can’t comply with a simple FOIA request. And, like I said, you cannot convert them to machine guns:

An Airsoft expert from England dismissed the claim as absurd. In the U.S., AirSplat expert Jon Dibblee who was once Sgt. Jon Dibblee, a U.S. Army infantryman categorically denied that the WE Tech M4s could be made into machine guns, an expert opinion supported by a gunsmith specializing in the AR rifle who examined another WE Tech in great detail.

2 Responses to “ATF and BB Guns”

  1. Josh G Says:

    No matter what happens, this has been a glorious PR “nightmare” for Airsoft Outlet Northwest. Take the loss of $20,000 in the toys, and look at the increase in traffic (and potentially sales) of their business, and it may just be the best $20g’s they ever spent.

  2. Ellen Says:

    I suggest ATF take these machine guns with them on their raids. That way they’d not only be protecting us from ourselves, they’d be protecting us from THEM to boot.