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The Narrative

Independents? Democrats? Black people? No way. We’re told they’re racist, republican shill groups.

What you don’t see at tea party rallies. The press tends to find the wookie suiter and focuses on them.

Violence against tea partiers.

One Response to “The Narrative”

  1. TV in WI Says:

    As a match shooter and a motorcyclist, I’ve seen this media find-the-lurid
    fixation since, oh, forever. If there are a couple hundred shooters in gun
    brand or military crest shirts milling around ONE goof in a vaguely racist
    confederate getup, guess where the cameras and mikes go…

    …ditto for biking – hundreds of long-distance riders looking like, oh,
    boring normal people in nylon riding suits and one or two in grubby
    patch vests, need you guess where the lenses go?..

    “Hi, I’m from the media and my lips are moving…”

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