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March 31, 2010


Android 2.1 for Droid today. Via RS.

Violence Policy Center Lies and Cries

They misquote someone. Get called on it. Then cry about it. Hope the Joyce Foundation kept their receipt.

Hamblen Update

Appeal to the supreme court is here.

The AK-15

What is that?

Reminds me of the AK-15 that Guav created a bit back to make fun of press reports citing the dreaded AK-15:

From Stuff

FOPA and Air Travel

On the way back from GBR, I got stuck in San Francisco. I knew I was going to be. Prior to flying out, I mentioned to a gun rights attorney that you may have heard of that I was a bit nervous being in California since all of the contents of one of my checked bags were illegal there. And doubly illegal in San Francisco. And since some folks have said I’m actually illegal in California. I thought in the event I had to stay the night there, it could be problematic. I was told it probably wasn’t a big deal due to FOPA. Well, the third circuit says otherwise:

An unfortunate story, detailed in Revell v. Port Authority (3d Cir. 2010): Gregg C. Revell was flying from Salt Lake City to Allentown, Pennsylvania, via Minneapolis and Newark. He had an unloaded gun legally checked in his luggage, which was supposed to meet him at Allentown.

Supposed to. In fact, the flight to Newark was late, so Revell missed his connection. He booked himself on the next flight, but the airline changed those plans. He was supposed to get on a bus, but his luggage didn’t get on the bus with him. He found the luggage, but the bus had left, so he had to stay overnight at the hotel, with his luggage.

Aha! That’s where the crime came in. The Firearms Owners’ Protection Act protected Revell on the plane, and would have protected him on the bus. But the moment the luggage came into his hands or otherwise became “readily accessible” to him outside a car — here, when he got the luggage to go to the hotel, but it would have also happened if he had gotten the luggage to put it into the trunk of a rental car — he violated New Jersey law, which requires a permit to possess a handgun (and which bans the hollow-point ammunition that Revell also had in a separate locked container in his luggage). Revell was arrested when he checked in with the luggage at Newark Airport, and said (as he was supposed to) that he had an unloaded gun in a locked case in his luggage; he then spent four days in jail until he was released on bail. Eventually the New Jersey prosecutor dropped the charges against him, but Revell didn’t get the gun and his other property back until almost three years later.

When it comes to gun laws, the enthusiast acts at his peril.

So, what are you supposed to do?

Stranded gun owners like Revell have the option of going to law enforcement representatives at an airport or to airport personnel before they retrieve their luggage. The careful owner will do so and explain his situation, requesting that his firearm and ammunition be held for him overnight

I don’t think had I been stuck in Cali that that thought would have crossed my mind.

Only applies to personal vehicles, apparently.


Mass shooting. Police say it may have been an AK47. Well, it usually is, initially.

It’s been a few months

Since the last rumors of Verizon getting the iPhone. So, here’s a new one.


Paul Helmke misrepresents the Brady Law.

Whistle blowers

And why ATF is blocking access to a website.

New wave of gun control suits

A look at Heller’s offspring.

ACR Stuff

It comes with a variety of lower receivers. Kinda AR-15ish. I do not know if the ACR’s lower is classified as the gun or not.


My son, the domestic Terrorist.


My second car was a 1966 Mustang. Loved that car. Until some uninsured idiot decided to run a stop sign and send my mechanic to the hospital and my car to its grave. The new Mustangs do look sharp. Another here.

Don’t have any electrical tape or a Dremel?

It could take the military up to one year fix the Jesus rifles. ABC, who stole the story from blogs, still contends the codes are secret.

You ignored me?

Says Bloomberg to Obama. I wonder how many mayors on that letter are still members?

You may not have noticed

But we’re still here. And someone owes stingray some money.

March 30, 2010

At least his weapon sight is facing the right direction

Welcome to NY.

A good cause to donate to

Father Of Dead Marine Ordered To Pay Legal Fees Of Westobro Baptist Church Protesters. Fred Phelps and his merry gang of asshats doing what they do: stirring up a lawsuit. If you wish to help out, the family is taking donations here.

Global Deaths From Arms

The UN is touting some 740K in an effort to get a gun control treaty. A paper on the topic.

Harry Reid and NRA

A lot of folks seem to be upset that NRA is getting chummy with Harry Reid. Why wouldn’t they? NRA is a single issue organization and Reid is good on guns. Harry Reid is probably why a lot of gun control bills never make it to the floor.

Iowa Carry

Shall issue passes both houses.

4H instructor weekend

A report and pics.

Marlin Update

Instead of closing, they’re relocating.

Every promise as an expiration date

The Complete List of Obama Statement Expiration Dates.

The state needs more libertarians

Radley Balko is moving to Nashville.


I remember their 50 and 100 round 9mm and 22lrs. Looks like they’re back.

Oooh, scary militia

In Michigan, a bunch of crazy survivalist types (as opposed to the run of the mill sane survivalist types) were trying to score explosives. Trouble for them was they had delusions of mediocrity and allegedly planned to kill some police officers. These guys were even called too militant by the Michigan Militia. Brian Doherty is not too impressed.

related: Media Eye Chart.

So Long Post Politics

So, ACK has been laid off from whichever media conglomerate it was he worked for. But his blog was one of the most prolific out there. And definitely the best with respect to following the goings on in state politics. Not the first time ACK has been hired as a blogger then let go. And this will work out just like it did the last time. The readership will follow ACK where ever he goes and completely disregard whichever conglomerate happens to own it. Just like when he left WKRN. And we see how that worked out for them.

Anyway, ACK will probably start up again somewhere. And I’ll read. And I probably won’t read much of anything at SouthComm since that was their only site I read.

Good luck, ACK.

AK47 Aquafire

The AK-47 Aqua Fire is a rapid-fire water pistol modelled on the original Kalashnikov model.
Shoots 4 ‘bullets’ of water per second.
Doesn’t rely on pump-action.
Only takes 60 seconds to discharge one clip.

It’s a water pistol.

More women turning to guns

Good. Now, we need to teach those women some trigger discipline.