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Another newspaper needs page views

So, they’re going to put up a handgun carry permit database. This time in Indiana.

2 Responses to “Another newspaper needs page views”

  1. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    Ummm, not exactly like Ohio or Virginny.

    No names or addresses.

    May be strong impetus to change Indiana’s public record law. However, I’ve been wanting to do that for decades.

  2. Stranger Says:

    It took several proven cases of criminals using the Jackson papers published list of permitees to get the legislature to put a stop to the idiocy.

    The legislature is the right route to take – citizens have NO influence on the papers. Unless of course, you come handing out ten thousand dollar “consulting fees.” Or you start negotiating to buy the thing. Or half their paid subscribers cancel and give that for a reason.

    That is a Schurz Communications rag, out of Mishawka, and if they get away with it in Bloomington it will probably spread to their other outlets. Looking their site over some of those rags seem mighty familiar. I cannot search my files from here but I would bet a cuppa the outfit is anti-gun.

    And since every gun control law has had the same effect on violent crime that gas has on a bonfire, to be anti-gun is to be pro-crime.