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Best part of Thanksgiving good: a sammich. One slice of dad’s honey ham. One slice of my turkey. My homemade pickles. Swiss. American. Mayo. Between some of Kevin’s beer bread:

From Home Life

Update: Next time, needs bacon.

6 Responses to “Dagwood”

  1. Thirdpower Says:

    I’ld say those are more ‘slabs’ than ‘slices’.

  2. Bobby Says:

    Man, that looks good w/ that bread

  3. Kevin Baker Says:

    I’m glad the bread recipe was a hit. That looks like a mouthful!

  4. Keith Says:

    once you’ve finished digesting…

    You may like to take a look at the developments on Climatequiddick.

    Anyone fancy paying yet more tax and loosing even more rights because of a fudge covered hockeystick graph shoved…?

    feel free to delete

  5. BobG Says:

    You had me until you got to the mayo; my personal tastes run more to horseradish mustard. Mayo is what I use to make Tarter sauce.

  6. TheOtherLarry Says:

    Where’s the punkin pie?