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Ford to take on Gillibrand?

Rumors that former Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. may make a run for Gillibrand’s senate seat in NY. Apparently, he moved there a bit back. Ford is decent on guns. Of course, Gillibrand used to be too.

One Response to “Ford to take on Gillibrand?”

  1. Ron W Says:

    Yeah, Harold Ford Jr. was “decent on guns” when he was running for the Seante in Tennessee even confessing, as I heard him one morning on WTN-FM in Nashville that he had been “wrong on guns” during his time as a U.S. Rep from the 9th District of TN.

    If Ford runs in NY, he may decide he’s been “wrong on guns” ….again. Of course, Ford is also a CFR member, an organization by INVITATION ONLY whose members are pervasive in Democratic and Republican Administrations. It’s for the agenda of the global elite who are for guns…but only for themselves.