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Airsoft for training

CTD has a look.

3 Responses to “Airsoft for training”

  1. The Duck Says:

    We hope to have a force on force course by spring, we have already invested in 5 pistols, it’s just getting the course laid out that takes the time

  2. FatWhiteMan Says:

    I think Airsoft is fine for dry-fire type practice. I have also seen it used in Force-On-Force which is also a good application. I am not a fan of those that would like to see it allowed for NRA courses or CHL/CCW training courses.

  3. TXGunGeek Says:

    The Duck,
    Have a wander by We’ve been running airsoft and simunition FoF courses for a few years now and have learned quite a bit over the years.

    If nothing else, I’ll warn you to be overly careful about searching everyone and everything for any real steel or other objects that can be used as weapons. Take the possibility of an accident out of the situation.

    Also, think through your scenarios to make sure they don’t turn into a game.

    Otherwise, getting shooters out of the square range mentality and thinking about real situations with real live opponents is all good.

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