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A gun buy back

In Jackson, TN? Anyone confirm? If so, I have HR revolvers worth about $20. So, if you’re heading that way.

4 Responses to “A gun buy back”

  1. Weer'd Beard Says:

    That’s truly what gun buybacks are. Gunnies dumping their non-working potmetal guns for a “Tax Refund” so they can buy better guns.

    That and stupid grandkids dumping Grandpaw’s deer gun, and gran’maw’s sock drawer .32 at 1/10th market value because they’re to stupid to walk into a gun shop and get a fair price.

    God they piss me off. Hope you can dump your revolvers, as you’re paying for it anyway.

  2. Pop N Fresh Says:

    Why do we call this a gun buyback, it was never their gun to begin with. It’s another one of those word games they play.

  3. mikeb302000 Says:

    But, what else happens at these things is grandma takes the 16-year-old gang member’s glock without his knowing it and turns it in. Out of hundreds of guns collected you’ve got a few like that, which make the whole thing worth it. And all those worthless pieces redeemed for cash don’t hurt anything.

    Why are you so againt it?

  4. weerdbeard Says:

    “Out of hundreds of guns collected youíve got a few like that, which make the whole thing worth it. And all those worthless pieces redeemed for cash donít hurt anything.

    Why are you so againt it?”

    Cost! That’s really the ONLY reason I hate these worthless pieces of theatrics.

    I’m not a huge fan of people destroying servicable tools, and pieces of history at sub-market prices either, but it’s their items, they can do with them as they wish.

    But in the end you end up droping tens of thousands of dollars to get MAYBE (again like everything you prattle about MikeB, you give no proof that anything you say is true) a few gang-guns off the street. You’ll note that that money COULD have been spent hiring and training new Police officers, or buying them new equipment.

    The money all comes from the same place, and when you blow it on bullshit you have to make up the cost somewhere else.

    Maybe lay off a teacher? Maybe dump a few scientific grants?

    Oh yeah, and there’s still the possibility the gang-bangers are USING the buy-back to unload stolen guns they can’t seem to sell on the street, or murder weapons that could land them in serious jail time.

    Does that sound like a good idea to you, Mike?