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Take a Vet to Lunch

Tomorrow is Veterans Day. And you should take a vet to lunch. Pass it on.

5 Responses to “Take a Vet to Lunch”

  1. countertop Says:

    I’ll be flying . . . . and always find a random active duty service member to buy lunch and/or a beer for at the airport.

    FWIW – my father in law served 35+ years in the Army – served 3 tours in Vietnam, fought the Russians on the German border (yes, he had a number of firefights with them) and fought the Iraqis with the Iranian Army before retiring in the mid 80s.

    I’m taking him out shooting this weekend (and cleaning up the leaves around his house).

  2. countertop Says:

    Also, FWIW – Wednesday is Ammo Day. Sort of fitting that it falls on Veterans Day.

  3. Laughingdog Says:

    As a veteran, I fully endorse this initiative. Unfortunately, I only know two people that read this blog regularly that live near me, and they’re both veterans as well.

  4. Tennessee Budd Says:

    It’s not just for Nov. 11th–I take myself to lunch every day!
    Seriously, folks, do so.

  5. Less Says:

    Also, Applebee’s has a promotion where active military and veterans can order a free entree…

    Check it out.