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September 30, 2009


Breaking: SCOTUS to hear Chicago case.

And then, there were eight

States that ban lawful carry where alcohol is served.

What Bias

The headline heard all around Tennessee: 70 cities say no to guns in parks. But the truthiness:

The Union City Daily Messenger printed an article from The Tennessean stating that 70 cities have banned guns in parks.That may sound like alot but below you will find the facts. According to there are 95 counties and 343 incorporated cities in Tennessee,that is 438 entities combined.That leaves 368 that have not voted to opt out,or not voted at all.If my math is correct that means 5 out of 6 allow it.So much for fair and balanced media.

Au Contraire, Mon Cracker

Michael Silence at the local paper on the guns in parks stuff:

The shameless grandstanding on this meaningless topic has been pathetic pandering. And by the way, how much time has been spent by various state and local lawmakers this year on guns-in-whatever topics as opposed to say, oh, education?

Trouble is, the pandering by lawmakers, time spent on the issue, and the bogus claim that it was the year of the gun are all overstated and exist largely in the imagination of Tom Humphrey. This year, the legislature passed five or so gun bills out of how many total bills? Hardly a giant margin. Knox County passed one gun resolution, out of how many? Thirty or so? A whopping 3ish%? Hardly an indication of how much time is spent on this.

Where most of the time was spent on these non-issues was at editorial boards and opinion pieces at your paper. Just saying.


Back when the legislature was in the process of passing the guns in restaurants that serve alcohol bill, one of the vocal opponents of that bill was Mike Chase. Mike Chase yammered on about Wild West shootouts and whatnot along with a host of other ‘ifs’. (So, Mike, how many shootouts you had?).

Anyway, I find it ironic that this righteous crusader reportedly hasn’t banned guns at his own establishments.

Parks can transform into schools

Tennessee’s AG, who is ordinarily a pretty pro gun guy, has issued an odd opinion. Essentially, the opinion states that whenever a park is in use by schools that triggers the no guns in schools laws. So, I suppose that if the schools plan a meeting or trip to some other government owned property, those properties mysteriously transform into schools too? An odd opinion, to say the least. And, as a reminder, while the AG likely has considerable sway, his opinions are non-binding.

In The Press

the local paper rounds up the guns in parks stuff. And they gratuitously mention some one you may have heard of.

Handy Info

Converting Your AK-47 to be 922(r) Compliant

Drugs continue winning war on drugs

Grandmother arrested for buying cold medicine.


Suppressors for shotguns. Not available in the US.

Kids and guns

Driving the point home.

Also, a new shooter report.

I did not know that Colt made a plunger

Unflattering gunbroker listing on the Colt Umarex 22 AR.

Chicks and Guns

More pics of Kendra learning to shoot.


Amazon wants me to let you know that they have the Wii on sale. I have one and they are great fun.

Black Man With A Gun

Kenn Blanchard interviewed. Kenn’s website is here.

Deja vu

Alice in Chains has an album out. Socialized medicine is failing to pass. Clinton yammering on about the vast right wing conspiracy. It really is 1994 again!

Gun Porn

Chiappa Rhino Revolver. That is odd looking.

More silencer shoot pics

More on Izhmash Arms Bankruptcy

Spiegel has more. The blame is on a slump in arms exports and competition. The latter being unfamiliar to former commies.

Same old

Joyce Foundation buying anti-gun research.

September 29, 2009

Roll your own carry loads

Good discussion:

conventional wisdom says this is a bad idea, because a prosecutor could try to argue in court that you custom made an extra lethal load, and your hand loads won’t be as reliable as factory ammo.

Knoxville News Sentinel: Stop talking about guns because the guy we’re gonna endorse kinda sucks on the issue

At least, that’s how I read this.


Colt to make the M240?


Now better, when coupled with the ability to disarm the oppressive patriarchy.

More mainstreaming survivalism

CostCo now sells a 6 Month-4 Person food supply for about $2K.

The Spin Cycle

Reading the news media, you would think that a federal judge shut down Bulls Eye Shooter Supply because the DC sniper stole a gun from there. But it’s not true. You see, Bulls Eye Shooter Supply is still in business. The former owner had his FFL revoked and the new owner just got a shiny new one and plans to be in business for a long time.

Media: Hey, even though we’re intentionally misleading folks, you guys should lighten up!

There’s a pretty active media campaign portraying the NRA as bullies picking on the poor, hapless little mayors in Mayors Against Guns. It fits the narrative that NRA = bad. Unfortunately, the truth is more like quite a few mayors didn’t know what they were signing up for and, in fact, some didn’t even sign up at all and discovered they were members. Anyway, the press says you should lighten up about all that.

Is that all?

You commit three felonies a day. And intent? Never heard of it.

The Drama Llama

It’s funny watching our Tennessee lefty blogs. 99% of the time they march lockstep together. Not usually any varying opinions there. And when they do disagree and fight about it in public, it’s over something stupid. The latest is there’s this Tennessee politico named Jim Cooper. And Jim Cooper hasn’t taken a nice big healthy swig of the free health care insurance for everyone kool-aid. You know, probably because he has at least a rudimentary understanding of economics and wants to get reelected. Apparently, the idiots at Kos decided to take back his progressive decoder ring and launch an all out blitz on the guy. If I was Cooper, I’d be happier than a pig in a nice big pile of Kos given their history of backing losers. Based on odds, it’s definitely a good thing.

Oh, and there’s that other thing. See, they don’t even have another candidate yet but they’re talking about beating him in the primary. Man, these dudes are smart.

And the good little kosmonauts are quick to throw their otherwise like-minded friends immediately under the bus. While under the bus, look around for ending the war in Iraq, opposing the PATRIOT Act and all that other stuff our progressives were yammering on about a few short months ago but have since forgotten about. Good times.

Kids and guns

Good way to spend a Saturday: Taking some kids shooting.

Guns in parks in Knoxville

The County votes in favor of allowing guns in parks. Now, when I go to parks, I’ll have to remember if I’m in the city or county since they have different rules. These little local differences will lead to state preemption.