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Careful out there

In anticipation of today’s override comes a reminder, don’t break the law. An email received from NRA today:

We’ve heard some chatter with TN bloggers that they want to go out to restaurants tonight and carry. We just want to make sure that no violates the law. There is language in the bill that states the law doesn’t go into effect until 40 days after it is overridden. Could you help us get the word out?

Yeah, the bill says June 1. But better to err on the side of not being arrested.

2 Responses to “Careful out there”

  1. Ron W Says:

    I suppose going out and open carrying, but not in an establishment that serves alcohol YET may be a way to visibly celebrate. Actually the only delegated power the Legislature has re: the RKBA according to Article I, Section 26 is “the wearing of arms” or how we carry, that is, open, concealed, holstered, etc. The Gun Permit law allows concealed or open carry.

  2. Linoge Says:

    I have to wonder, though – why is there the 40 day requirement? Was that hidden in some part of the law that is not publicly available, or is that just TN precedent for veto-overrides?