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June 30, 2009

Turns out, the kid is not his son


We’ve learned Michael Jackson was not the biological father of any of his children. And Debbie Rowe is not the biological mother of the two kids she bore for Michael. All three children were conceived in vitro — outside the womb.

Nothing to add. Just the headline.


My twitter-fu is back

Help a blogger out

Joe wants some help:

Ol’ Joe has a long shot chance at landing a media/PR gig with a local firm that reps some of the big players in the boomstick market.

Yep, I may get paid to talk about guns.

This firm is really keyed into the New Media and Social Media, which is awesome. The Shack, which I generally have had to hide my involvement from employers, is now a job asset.

So, get thee hence.

There really is a blog for everything

Glenn mentioned the blog of unnecessary quotation marks and Apostrophe Abuse.

Now, I present There, I Fixed It, a tribute to ingenuity.

A catalog

Dickipedia, a list of people who are dicks. A taste:

Joe Biden began choosing unfortunate ways to publicly describe minorities from his birth on November 20, 1942, a birthday he shares with one of the Smothers Brothers, Bo Derek, and that guy from Cyprus Hill.

Park carry in Murfreesboro

A push to opt out of allowing carry there.

Bug out

A look at The Grab And Go Survival Pack.


Lots of folks shoot sporting clays. Not many do it with a bow and arrow:


For some reason, my twitter feed went Tango Uniform. Trying to fix.

Guns in restaurants

A bit over at WATE on local restaurateurs on the guns in restaurants bill. And notes a few restaurants will be putting up signs saying they don’t want money from the law-abiding:

Patrick Sullivan’s, along with the Crown and Goose in the Old City, tell 6 News they plan to post signs.

Big weekend

Took the kids to their grandparents this weekend for some swimming. Junior swam all the way across the pool. Cool.

The SayUncle Zoo

We got a new dog a few months back. Then, a bit back, we got another one.

Junior has always wanted a cat. Neither the Mrs. nor I were ever cat people. But Junior was persistent. So, we now have a cat. Well, I think we still have it. I haven’t actually seen it since about 6:00 yesterday.

We’re up to three critters.

Paperwork burden

Some gun bills in California are making life hard on gun shop owners. Accomplishing nothing but making their lives more difficult. Of course they do. That was the point.

Take that!

Mary Mancini is glad that a gun bill may inconvenience law-abiding citizens:

Apparently, he’s [TFA’s John Harris] upset because he carries his gun at all times and if Davidson County opts out of allowing permit-holders to carry in parks, he’ll be unable to cut through the grassy area on Church Street to get to his office.

Call the wahmbulance, Harris.

Our liberal radio host must take some sort of comfort in her side’s one small victory out of Tennessee’s recent passage of civil rights legislation expanding the right to self-defense. And that one small victory is Harris gets some exercise.

This is one of the reasons why on gun laws, except for this one, Tennessee has preemption and the state decides what the laws are. When the localities set up their own laws, it creates a patchwork of inconsistency that no one can keep up with. Say I carry in a park in my hometown, then go somewhere else where they opted out. I’ve broken the law for doing something that I’m accustomed to doing. It doesn’t make me a hardened criminal. Just a guy who doesn’t carry copies of the local ordinances around in my pocket. Who can keep up with it? Or, as Harris illustrates, you take a simple shortcut and find yourself running afoul of the law. But that simple point is lost on a simple mind.

Anyway, I actually like that various cities in the state are opting out of the bill. Because, and mark my words, next year a bill getting rid of that option will wind its way through the legislature.

TARP Benefits

$2.7B in tax breaks for an out of country Rum producer. And money to build NASCAR tracks. More here. Remember, if this didn’t pass, we were all gonna die. Or at least be poor.

Headline win


Carry permits up

It’s a trend nearly everywhere. Missouri has issued record numbers of carry permits too.

You say you want a revolution

In Honduras, their supreme court ordered the military to depose the president for acting unlawfully. DC has a write up. It is interesting how our leaders are responding. Says Hillary Clinton:

the action taken against Honduras’ president should be condemned by everyone


Obama says Honduras coup was “illegal” and Zelaya remains the president.

Wow. The statists support the state. Who would have guessed? I don’t know much about law in Honduras but the supreme court ordered the removal of the president. Not exactly as though there was a violent insurrection or overthrow there.

In Florida

A look at a conviction for carrying a concealed firearm.

I was babbling about myself online before it was cool

Chris explains exactly why I don’t do Facebook.

this is why you get an instructor

Post Gazette:

Police say a man and woman have been wounded while trying to figure out how to use their new handgun in their Washington County home.

Gun Porn

FNP 45 vs. USP45 A photo comparison

Bushmaster ACR

PWS DIABLO 7″ GAS PISTON UPPER – and it’s for sale.

Marlin 1895 SBL in .45-70


Tactical Wire reports that the NICS will start requiring place of birth.


Just a few years ago, Kansas joined the majority of states by betting concealed carry. Now, they’re moving to recognize out of state permits.

June 29, 2009

Quote of the Day

WizardPC in comments on John Harris being named lobbyist of the year:

Activist: Someone who gets involved.

Unregistered Lobbyist: Someone who gets involved with something the MSM doesn’t approve of.

Official oppression

Bernie Ellis, who had the TBI pay him a visit on bogus charges of terrorism over a comment he left online, is filing complaints against TN’s secretary of state. The comment that started it is here.

Glenn notes that the SecState’s involvement in Tennessee’s Official History is a bit ironic.

If you wanna carry there, run for office

Tam reminds folks that no one has reciprocity with Illinois. And in Chicago, only gang bangers can carry guns. Also, Indiana has an interesting handgun carry permit structure.

Defies logic

Not sure what to think of this bit here. She says I shouldn’t shoot home invaders because they might be teenagers playing a game. Then blames a guy, who left his door unlocked, for the kid getting in his house. Now, it sucks that someone got shot. But if you’re uninvited and rustling around in someone’s house, it should not be a surprise that the homeowner may not approve.

Attention, Tennessee Members

NRA has made a request:

As anticipated, Tennessee counties and municipalities have started to opt-out of the park carry law passed by the Tennessee General Assembly during the 2009 session.

Please contact your local officials and respectfully ask them not to create a confusing patchwork of laws that will close off local parks to law-abiding permit holders, who simply wish to be able to protect themselves and their families.

If you have any information on Tennessee counties and municipalities taking steps to opt-out of this important self-defense law, please contact the NRA-ILA’s State and Local Affairs Division. Contact information is provided below.

Email: state&
NRA-ILA, State & Local Affairs
C/O Scott Stevens
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

Phone (703) 267-1217
Fax: (703) 267-3976

NRA License Plates

I’ve gotten word that they met the quota and Tennessee will now have NRA license plates.