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Quote of the Day

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership’s Brian Malte on college kids with guns:

It’s ridiculous to say someone with a gun could have saved the day

Good thing people don’t listen to the Brady Campaign.

4 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Mikee Says:

    The Newsweek article is titled, “More guns on campus?” and is headed under the “Crime” category for the magazine. Because guns cause crime, of course, and because more guns means more crime. This applies to even those guns used to prevent crime by civilians, which differ from those used to prevent crime by police in that civilians are driven to commit crimes by the presence of their guns, apparently…)

    I don’t need to read the article, the title tells me what the story wants to prove….this is agenda journalism.

  2. Hartley Says:

    Old article, and it’s unlikely the author has any interest in being reminded of his idiocy..

    Does anyone listen to the Brady bunch any more? Even the politicians are getting leery of quoting those liars, knowing there is a good chance it will return to haunt them..

  3. Mikee Says:

    Hey, wait, only the first few paragraphs are the typical agenda journalism. The rest appears to be an interview with Students for Concealed Carry, where the answers to actual questions are printed, or at least posted, on the online Newsweek. I retract my previous disdain for the article, which was based on the title alone.

    Of course, the title could have read, “Will Concealed Handgun Licensees Save Lives on Campus?” but that would have allowed a casual reader to get a positive spin from the headline.

  4. Women of Caliber Says:

    The day HAS been saved in the past. Exhibit A: Appalachian Law School in VA, January 2002. A gunman opened fire on campus and made international news. What the majority of the news stories left out is that two male students had firearms in their cars. These two heroic students ran for their guns and held up the gunman who then dropped his gun and they wrestled him to the ground until the authorities arrived. Places like schools and churches are so vulnerable to this type of attack because they are essentially “gun free”.