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May 30, 2009

Full circle

So, I look in the mirror and realize that I have longish hair, a beard, and I’m wearing plaid shorts. I think to myself Self, is it 1994 again? About that time, The Second bumps his head on the bar, starts crying, and I realized that it’s actually not 1994.

Fair elections

The Black Panthers caught on tape intimidating voters will not be charged due to a request by the Obama administration.


Every once in a while, some bonehead comes along and compares guns to disease. Here’s a fisking of the latest boneheads.

I think we should start considering teh st00pid a disease and get some grant money to study it.

The racist roots of gun control

No Guns for Negroes, a film by JPFO.

Ballistics by the inch

How much does one inch of barrel affect a round’s ballistics?

Fan girl

Breda has some pics from the NRA convention.

The state of Heller

Dave Kopel has a look.

May 29, 2009

It’s simpler than that

ACK addresses gun nuts v. anti gunners and the chasm in their thought processes. It’s simpler than that. It boils down to personal sovereignty. Are you a citizen or a subject?

Veto override

Tennessean reports, right next to that photo of Bredesen signing the restaurant carry bill next to all the officer who were probably ordered to be there, that an override is likely.

Feeling Old

20 year high school reunion invitation just showed up in the mail.

Democrats and Guns

The CSM’s Patrik Jonsson looks at why Democrats are running away from gun control. To stay in power, of course. After all, gun control has not historically been a political winner.

More gun porn

Saddam Hussein’s gun collection.

Win a GI Expert 1911

Kevin is donating a ParaUSA GI Expert to raise money for Project Valour IT. Another reason to head to the Gun Blogger Rendezvous.


Sneak peak at Brownell’s new website.

Glock stuff

Interesting reading on Glock from Forbes, both the company and the man. A bit dated but has some interesting bits.

Likker bloggin

Les is right, George Dickel Cascade Hollow is good stuff. Had some last night. Pretty good.

And Bob has a photo of legendary moonshiner Popcorn Sutton. And discusses Popcorn’s product. I concur. His moonshine was the smoothest I’ve ever tasted. More on Popcorn here.

Kel-Tec RFB

Sebastian interviews Matt at Kel-Tec on the RFB.

Heller Part 2

NRA looks at the case over at Opposing Views. Seems DC’s post Heller gun laws are still fairly onerous:

Under the current D.C. law, prospective gun owners are required to pass a written test graded at the sole discretion of the Metropolitan Police Department. They must also have vision better or equal to that required to get a driver’s license (even for those who want to possess a collector’s item), submit employment history for the past five years and surrender all handguns for ballistics testing, among other restrictions.


No way this could have happened since California has safe storage laws.

And, really, keep guns where small kids cannot get to them.

Gun Porn

Winchester 1906

Pics from the European Steel Challenge.

Little late

Memphis Flyer has a piece on the guns in restaurants bit. After it’s been vetoed. A funny thing about it. The sign that the proprietor has posted on their business doesn’t meet Tennessee’s laws for signs prohibiting weapons.

May 28, 2009

Statement from Rep. Curry Todd on the veto

Received from the Republican Caucus Press Secretary:

“The Governor has the right to veto any measure that comes across his desk. Similarly, the legislature has the right to override any veto by a simple majority vote. This bill passed by two-thirds in both bodies, indicating that there is strong support for this measure.

“I intend to proceed with this bill, and override the veto. I’m disappointed that the Governor would use his veto power to abridge the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Tennesseans.

“I’m also disappointed that the Governor would perpetuate the myth that this is a ‘guns in bars’ bill. This bill allows law-abiding Tennesseans with a handgun carry permit to carry in a restaurant in order to protect and defend themselves in the unfortunate event that they would need to do so.

“Ninety-five percent of the citizens who have contacted me regarding this bill want to see it pass. I intend to move forward to ensure that the wishes of the citizens of this state are carried out.

“I want to thank everyone who has shown support for this bill, and look forward to the continued support of my colleagues.”

Well, I think Governor has the power not the right. But still, override in the works.

Bredesen to veto guns in restaurants that serve alcohol bill?

So speculates The Tennessean.

Update: KnoxNews says he will veto it.

Veto can be overridden with a simple majority. I guess he really doesn’t have future aspirations for political office in the state.

Update: Officially vetoed. And Serpas misrepresents the bill:

We cannot support legislation that openly allows consumption of alcohol where guns are present

Drinking while strapped would still be illegal under the bill.

Still, the bill has the votes for an override. Already being called symbolic. Like ACK said Bredesen Announces He No Longer Wishes To Pursue Statewide Politics In Tennessee. Yup.

Rep. Curry Todd has already said the override proceedings start next week.

One more update: Bredesen’s statement is here.

When pigs err cats fly?

In China, a cat grew wings. Do the lolcats people know about this?

Each squeeze costs the tax payer about $25

Congressman Lincoln Davis firing Dillon Aero Mini-Gun

Pretty cool.

More on Smart Guns

From Tam:

But if you look at a firearm as a piece of emergency equipment, then Authorized User technology is a no-go. A cop’s partner may need to use her gun; my roommate may need to use mine. It needs to work right the first time, every time.

Democrats and guns

In an odd shift, it seems that while the Democrat party leaders get it on the gun issue, the party faithful do not:

The poll revealed that while 92% of identified Republicans who responded say the U.S. Constitution affirms an individual right to own a gun under the Second Amendment, only 64% of those who said they were Democrats believe that.

So, while many of the party leaders and politicians are not keen on it, there is not quite that degree of support for gun rights among their voters.

Smart guns: dumb idea

Smart guns are supposed to use various authentication (biometric or digital) methods to ensure their guns only fire when the authorized user pulls the trigger. A company in Germany makes one and has a promotional video. Did the smart gun fail? Video at the link. I heard the click of what I assumed was the hammer/striker. But perhaps there is a block of some sort when the non-authorized person handles it. Still, doesn’t look comforting. And it’s just one more thing to fail.


State trooper pulls over ambulance that is transporting a patient. Confrontation ensues where officer chokes one of the paramedics.

Hearing protection

I agree, suppressors are for safety. That’s why I have one.