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More on gun sales

Even the gun coffee mugs are sold out.

4 Responses to “More on gun sales”

  1. David W. Says:

    Holy Java Beans, Batman!

    What are we coffee drinkers to do?

  2. Homer Says:

    Went to the local Super Wally World yesterday, hadn’t been in a while. Strolled through sporting goods, noticed the ammo shelves were pretty bare; all that was left was the expensive rifle ammo. I have never seen that before. There were two shopping carts stacked with boxes from Winchester and Remington to restock the shelves, and the clerks were selling ammo out of the boxes.

  3. B Smith Says:

    …and the NRA is “reeling from its defeats” in the recent election, eh?

  4. chris Says:

    I stopped by Frontier Firearms in Harriman on Friday and I could barely move.

    I was stopping by to look and not to buy so I left.

    And this wasn’t even a weekend day.

    I am happy to see them doing so well.