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What didn’t happen

Rusty looks at the moonbat predictions.

Also, where is my rainbow farting unicorn that pees healthcare?

5 Responses to “What didn’t happen”

  1. Dustydog Says:

    The first batch of unicorns has been received, but supplies are being rationed due to overwhelming demand. The current waiting period for [high priority recipients] is [9 years]. You are currently listed as a [low-priority recipient]. The current waiting period for [low-proirity recipient] is [no prediction, please check back].

    -ps, stupid formating messed up my joke

  2. Rustmeister Says:

    Besides, you need to register that unicorn, after passing a background check and childproofing said unicorn.

    Thanks for the link, my poor sitemeter don’t know what hit it. =)

  3. damon Says:

    dadgum it Rusty, you almost made coffee come out my nose…

    “go back to whatever is it you were doing… like drooling on yourself and pooping your pants”…

    that was funny right there. like laugh-out-loud-and-now-everyone-at-work-is-staring-at-me funny.

  4. ben Says:

    You just reminded me that I won $20 from my Canadian buddy who was certain that Bush would re-instate the draft. THppppt :p

  5. Manish Says:

    Also, where is my rainbow farting unicorn that pees healthcare?

    Clearly Obama is a fraud.

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