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Speaking of Heller

Post-Heller DC: D.C. Metropolitan Police Department has published a new 15 page guide to owning and registering a firearm in the District of Columbia.

3 Responses to “Speaking of Heller”

  1. Jay Says:

    15 pages? Unreal.

  2. Mikee Says:

    Here in Texas the sales clerks usually ask me if I want my new gun in a paper bag, or if I’ll just carry it out to my car in its box. Sometimes the manager will walk the firearm out to the front door, and shake my hand as I leave with my purchase. Other than the federal firearm form for my federal background check, no government entity here seems to mind that I am buying a firearm.

    Pointless bureaucratic excrement like the 15 pages described above, which amount to annoying and pointless hoops to jump through without a single good reason to support them (except to discourage people from legally owning a firearm), make me glad I left the fever swamps of DC (and Maryland) many years ago.

  3. Kirk Parker Says:

    15 pages? How about 15 words:

    “Unless you’re a convicted felon or out on bail for a felony charge, go ahead.”

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