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September 30, 2008

How Did We Get Here?

This is an excellent read from The American Prospect on just how we got into the financial mess we’re in today. It’s from an explicitly liberal magazine, but it’s very well argued, I think, and goes into a lot of detail. The kicker? It was published over a year ago.

Conversations in a gun nut household

I clear the ParaUSA gun blog 45 and hand it to The Mrs. And the following conversation takes place:

Me: Can you pull the trigger on this?

The Mrs: (points in safe direction and pulls trigger) Yes I can. Why?

Me: Just making sure. You couldn’t pull the trigger on my Sigs. That’s why I now have Glocks.

The Mrs: What?

Me: Well, we went to the range and you couldn’t pull the double action trigger on my Sigs so I sold them and replaced them with Glocks.

The Mrs: That’s so sweet.

It’s the little things.

More on the Brady Bunch Prez Guide

From PGP.


Via Radley, we learn that MADD has outed restaurants that give money to the American Beverage Institute. These are the places that will be getting my money.

MADD has gone from a good cause to, basically, being prohibitionists.

reason to love America

Porn starlets for gun rights!

Update: Since it was asked, link is mildly NSFW. Definite boob bottoms there. In other news, why is cleavage (tops) OK for news and TeeVee but the bottoms of the boobs are questionable? Hmm.

Action Airgun

Caleb shoots week one. With video.

Guns and the election

We’ve noted how Barack 55378008 Obama is running hard and fast from his anti-gun past quite a few times. If you’re the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Ownership, that’s gotta sting. I mean, here’s a candidate who has supported every gun control pipe dream you could offer and once the spotlight is on him he drops you faster than a drug dealer can ditch evidence.

His anti-gun past results in the Democrat Leadership Council folks cranking up the false flag group, the American Hunters and Shooters Association.

And now, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership has a page on the 2008 Presidential Candidates
Record and Statements on the Gun Issue
. I’m sure it’s a matter of time before the Obama Truth Squad, Digital Cybernauts, and lawyers demand that they take it down as being untrue. And by untrue they mean politically inconvenient.


One gun a month struck down in Jersey City.

ParaUSA and the gun blogs

Mr. C. reports that ParaUSA is donating a Para PXT LDA Limited Single Stack Pistol in 9MM to the event.

Man, I wish I could make it this year.

Kills on both ends

Behold, the 2 bore. Pics of the rounds here.

Gun Porn

Vltor CASV-ELG mounted to a DPMS Sportical

Barrett M82A1

Garand in action.

And another.


To Justin, who was nerd enough to blog his wedding night.

Seen on a bumper sticker in Knoxville

McCain 08: Because he’s not a socialist.

The fix is in, and its working

If you’re surprised by this, you’re not paying attention.


James looks at a question regarding gauge.

September 29, 2008

On the financial crisis

People say to me Hey, Uncle, it’s been a good hour or so since congress failed to save us and, well, I kinda thought we’d all be dead by now. And I’m not. So, what’s up with that?

Well, the problem is a bit overstated. You see, a while back someone decided that home ownership was good. So, people came up with ways to ensure more people could own homes. With more buyers, property values went up. Or, more likely, prices were inflated so that these ways to ensure more people could own homes would be profitable. Now, the trouble is that these inflated housing prices have come down. This sucks if you’re the owner of some property or the mortgage holder on the property and you borrowed or loaned money when the price was high. Now, you’re not screwed yet, if you can still make payments. But if you can’t, then these folks that loaned you money now have financial instruments valued at less than the assets they have a secured interest in. I mean, the loans still have value and are, most likely, still profitable. But there’s some risk.

Then they say to me Well, that doesn’t sound that bad. I mean, it’s not great but it doesn’t sound like the Apocalypse is coming. After all, whenever you lend money there’s a risk that’s why people charge money to loan money. What was the point of the bail out nonsense, then?

Well, for political posturing, of course.

And they say No, I mean what would the bail out have done?

Oh. Well, it would have given money to people who made bad business decisions. It would transfer assets held to the .gov. And we’d start over and be in the same mess. Imagine you’ve been stabbed in the neck. The bill would have been akin to cleaning up the blood instead of actually stopping the bleeding. More here.

Update: Wall Street does not agree.

House Rejects Welfare Err Bail Out

Tonight on your six o’clock news, ZOMFG WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!1111one!1.

As you were.


“Smart quotes are stupid”.


Send in the Truth Squads

One paper notes Barack Obama is not quite as forthright regarding his stance on guns.


Ninth Stage is not a fan:

It’s a terrible shame really, the P22 was a wonderful promise. A promise made by Walther of a miniaturized P99, cute as a button, and chambered for .22 Long Rifle. The only problem is the implementation.

I dunno. I really like mine. It did have some problems but those were easily fixed. It’s a good, inexpensive plinker.

Does it come in PSH green?

A write up on Lauer Custom Weaponry in the NY Daily News:

Ever since the city banned brightly colored guns in 2006, saying cops and kids might mistake them for toys, Lauer has relished his role as the pistol-packing provocateur of one of America’s biggest gun opponents.

He marketed a line of bright colors called the “Bloomberg Collection,” sold hundreds of graffiti-style patterns for five-borough themed machine guns, and just introduced a bright-red shade called “Furious Mike.”

Tactical Handgun Course

This week, at Coal Creek Armory for you local yokels.

A Waste

NY spent a bunch of money and time and effort on a database of ballistic fingerprints. Seven years later, the number of prosecutions from the database: zero.

They should have just asked Maryland.

Steel Challenge

Thirteen year-old Tori can shoot:

Gun Rights Policy Conference

David has a report. Interesting bit on Obama and guns:

John Lott spoke, with an interesting point. He’d held a fellowship at Univ. of Chicago School of Law, when Obama was a prof. or sorta-prof. there, and they talked a few times. The first time Obama said “oh, you’re the gun guy.” When he said that he was, Obama said “I don’t believe people should be allowed to own guns.” Lott said maybe they should talk about it. Obama just smirked and left without a word. Lott noted that he is happy to debate the topic fairly; he’s often had Cass Sunstein, who is very anti-2A, to his house for dinner and they debate gun control amicably. But not Obama.

Obama has since changed the tune but the lyrics are the same.

Gun Porn

ST15 – 22 caliber Rifle SBR.


Big machine guns v. little airplanes

Pink guns

The Cali-legal, pink AR. Pics of this thing keep popping up.

I notice she didn’t beat him with the restraining order


A man is dead after trying to break into a woman’s home and she opened fire on him.

According to police the woman had a restraining order against the man although their exact relationship is unclear.

September 28, 2008

Joe Biden threatens Barack Obama

Has there ever been a dumber Presidential team than these two?

Also, noted shotgun expert Jon Stewart informs us there are no Beretta shotguns, which was quite the surprise.