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Abuse of power

Seems that our state troopers were doing background checks on political rivals of the powers that be.

The intimidation files.

Terry names names.

Journalists on the list?

5 Responses to “Abuse of power”

  1. Ninth Stage Says:

    That is an organization that needs to be dismantled. If a need is found, rebuild it in a different image.

  2. Robert Says:

    The LEOs are burning their reputation and legitimacy as fast as they can. Very bad for civil life. Very bad for the country!

  3. Stormare Mackee Says:

    The whole Dept of Safety needs to be dismantled… DoS is taking 100+ days to issue new HCPs, and 6+ months to issue HCP renewals because background checks are taking so long… now we know why, they’re hogging the lines spying on people!

  4. memomachine Says:


    I live in New Jersey, Sopranos-land, and I thought the corruption here was bad.

    I’m starting to feel sorry for you guys.

    Want to borrow some wise guys to class up the area?


  5. Firehand Says:

    Ok, this crap is both against the regulations for these systems, both state and federal, in ALL states and territories.

    It’s also a serious violation of federal and state law. And anyone connected with it should be prosecuted fully.

    Crap like this is why, every time some idiot politician wants a new database and promises us “Your information will be secure”, I don’t know anymore whether to laugh, scream or cry.